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Finally A Name for Christopher Meloni’s Vampire On True Blood

When the casting news for the new True Blood character of Kibwe was published it mentioned how his character would be “mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure”. link here:  It was speculated that perhaps “Roman” was the character being portrayed by Christopher Meloni. When it was released that True Blood’s fifth season would feature the former Detective Stabler no name was given for his character. In addition, a casting call was never released for his character. So much mystery surrounding this “powerful Vampire leader of The Authority”. TVLine stated in their post on the casting of Meloni that    “According to executive producer Alan Ball, the former Law & Order: SVU front man will play, ”An ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.” link

Thanks to TrueBloodconfidential who noticed this on imdb under Christopher’s filmography it seems we were on the right track:

Yes it does look like Christopher Meloni will be “Roman” on True Blood.