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A Tribute To Eric & Pam!

True Blood is having a what they call a  ‘Maker’s Day’ and in honor of this, we thought a little tribute to one of the best maker/child relationships on the show was long overdue: Eric and Pam! Besides the relationship of Eric and Godric, who are being honored over at True Blood’s Facebook page in their ‘Moments’ campaign, Eric and Pam have some of the best moments on the show. I decided to best way to give TRIBUTE to these two characters, who are played beautifully by Alexander Skarsgård and Kristin Bauer Van Straten, would be to give you those moments through a set of pictures made by me! Shameless plugging I know but toot my own horn, I must! 😉

These are in no particular order, there are just my favorites. One of my favorite moments between these two would be when he was going to meet the sun with Russell to save Sookie. So without further ado here is beautiful moment #1:

Beautiful right? *sigh* Moving on to beautiful moment number #2: When Pam found out that Eric regained his memory in season 4! I love these two!

Beautiful moment number #3 is when Pam learned of Eric’s human family and he told her it was her turn to be a ‘maker’.

Last but not least, beautiful moment number #4 just happens to be from the upcoming season 5. While I love all these moments, this one just might be the most beautiful of them all.

What do you think of these choices? What are your favorite Eric/Pam Moments! Sound off below!

*images used are from Daydreaming and screencaps from this site itself*

*maker moment image from True Blood Facebook Page*