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True Blood Monday Fangover Cure


Happy Monday Truebies! Yes today is the definite “fangover” day for True Blood fans. Here is a video of all the Eric Northman scenes for episode 6.03. That should help cure the  fangover.

So what were your favorite scenes from last night’s episode? I enjoyed seeing Ginger welcoming the vampires into her home. (Poor Ginger she thought she was getting a booty call from Eric Northman)

Vote For the Hottest Vampires and Werewolves of 2011

s401009PopSugarTV is having a contest on youtube for fans to vote for the hottest Vampires and Werewolves.

The video below explains how fans can vote. Basically to vote for Alexander Skarsgard fans would subscribe to their channel for Alex to cast the vote. Link here:

Here is the  link to the channel they have for Alexander Skargard: PopSugar Alexander Skarsgard. Huge thanks to Kat at PopSugar for the heads up on the contest!

True Blood Season 4 Video Screen Test

Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO

HBO released a new video for True Blood season 4. This one is titled “Screen Test” and it shows the amazing cast vamping it up for the camera. Alexander Skarsgard looked amazing as always as Eric Northman! UPDATE: It looks like we have a look at Alexander practicing his “lost” Eric look. (definite character changes in the video)

Here is the gallery of screen caps:
[nggallery id=233]