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New International Review of Dead Reckoning

Is it May 3rd yet? Sadly not yet. At least it is finally MAY! Yes the new Sookie Stackhouse book is due out on 5/3/11. The time is almost here and the waiting has been torturous. At least the reviews of Charlaine Harris’ new book “Dead Reckoning” have helped the time go by a little quicker. True Blood Italy site published their review of the book.

Just a note-the review is in italian. While I can read Italian and get the “gist” of what is being said I can not guarantee I’m completely accurate. (I would do an online translation if you wish to see the whole review). The True Blood Italy review in it’s entirety may be found here: They do warn there are SPOILERS but mostly for the show not as much for the book. They tried not to reveal too much so as to spoil readers. (there may be some True Blood show fans who do not know of all the action in the books).

Here is an excerpt from their reveiw:

Dead Reckoning is the eleventh book in the series “The Cycle of Sookie Stackhouse and I can say with absolute certainty that it is a return to the style of writing of Charlaine Harris and will be in your top 5 (if not top 3) among the best books in the series.

CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS NOT about the book, only a few quotes and references to general situations, but no spoilers that ruin the reading at least in my opinion

Action, moments of panic, fear, anger, belly laughs, and wtf moments many harrowing moments and clarifiers for Sookie, Eric and for us.


The two previous books, Dead and dying and death in the family were much darker and have been for the will of Harris in a path of growth required for our Sookie now in it’s  eleventh installment, states even more loudly that there is no looking back (no turning back), the first Sookie book no longer exists. Sookie has grown and is made into a woman who has ceased to flee when the situations are not good and even love has stopped taking the easy way out, or cut and run  (here I am reminded that in the book 3 Eric asks if escape was his way to work things out in the reports he wanted to know first so be prepared with her) and now knows how to listen …

And I enjoyed this excerpt discussing Vampire Pam. (and her relationship with Eric and with Sookie)
Special mention to her that I think is one of the most beautiful, funny, loyal and deadly series: Pam.

I am increasingly convinced that it is the voice of Harris with which the author speaks to his protaginisti, this time with Sookie. As Eric says, “Pam is a good friend for you.” Pam and Eric have moments of conflict (in every sense LOL) in this book, but then vampires are nothing new, and our favorite child proves to be true to our high esteem, friendship and affection for Sookie Eric’s deep!

“You are very fond of Pam,” I said “Come on Eric. You love her. She is your daughter (ie his child) “

“I am very fond of Pam,” he said “I made a great choice. You were my other main choice “

Dead Reckoning is a non-stop ride.

Well amen and hallelujus! I know this fan can not WAIT to get on that ride on 5/3/11! Oh and yes they do mention a bit of the infamous loving action fans have grown to enjoy! (they make mention of how a certain Viking Vampire discovers additional uses for ICE).

I highly recommend taking a look at the review in italian and trying to get the full translation.