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Battle of the Fang T-Shirt photos!

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard graciously posed for the their photos wearing their “Battle of the Fang” t-shirts. Stephen wore the “winning” shirt shown above together with  Alexander wearing the non-winning (ok I don’t want to say the losing shirt..). Amazing fans contributed $70,000 for the battle of the fang! More amazing I feel are Stephen and Alexander for agreeing to the Battle itself and posing in their shirts. So cool to see them enjoying themselves!  Huge thanks to The Nest and to alexskarsgard.net for the contest and for the pix!


SOS Children’s Villages Issues Press Release on Alexander Skarsgard Fundraising Efforts

Photo Credit: 2010 B.Henderson

Photo Credit: 2010 B.Henderson

SOS Children’s Villages issued a press release today on the fundraising efforts by Alexander Skarsgard. It does on mention the Battle of the Fang but Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer were both wonderful in their support to the charities for the fundraising contest. The release below is from SOS Children’s Villages. Again kudos to Alexander and Stephen for raising so much money for their causes. Another huge thanks to the amazing fans who made this all possible.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/SOS Children’s Villages, a global organization dedicated to the long-term care and prevention of orphaned and abandoned children, today announced that Alexander Skarsgard has helped raise over $35,000 for their programs.

Thanks to Mr. Skarsgard’s efforts, the majority of the funds were directly donated through the SOS web site.  The auction of two True Blood television scripts on eBay – each one personally annotated and autographed by Mr. Skarsgard – brought in additional funds.

The donations to SOS Children’s Villages were the culmination of a good-natured, fundraising competition between Mr. Skarsgard and fellow True Blood cast member Stephen Moyer. Mr. Moyer’s supporters raised funds for the Gulf Relief Foundation.

“We are so privileged to have Alexander Skarsgard as a supporter of SOS,” said Heather Paul, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages – USA. “His commitment to SOS has raised awareness of the plight of orphaned and abandoned children. Through encouraging his fans to donate to SOS, we have raised thousands of dollars to help many in need, and we are grateful to Alexander for his contributions.”

Mr. Skarsgard’s career in the United States has most recently included a highly popular role as Eric Northman on True Blood.  In addition to recently presenting at the Emmy Awards, Skarsgard is filming the movie Battleship, based on Hasbro’s popular board game, scheduled for release in 2012.

About SOS Children’s Villages

For 60 years, SOS Children’s Villages has been dedicated to the long-term care and prevention of orphaned and abandoned children. Through their Children’s Villages, Family Strengthening Programs, and other initiatives, SOS impacts the lives of over 1 million people each year. In 2009, SOS Children’s Villages received the Save the World Award. SOS has also received numerous honors including the Mother Teresa Gold Medal, the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, and the Vietnam Friendship Medal.

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Heather Paul


SOURCE SOS Children’s Villages



Battle of the Fang Contest Incentive UPDATE

UPDATE 9/12/10 TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! I will be giving away some of the gift items to random donors donations made today to Team Eric! Please forward the donation receipt to my email:

I will announce the lucky winners on Monday. The contest ends TODAY so please do not let our lead slip away. They are catching up and can still pass us!

Battle of the Fang Donation page:

The Battle of the Fang is approaching the finish line! Team Eric is ahead but by only a slight margin. Let’s not let the lead drop. In an effort to help raise more money for the charity contest. I am offering the following 3 gifts. Yes a gift. Since I have credits to use up and not a lot of cash to donate I wanted to have a way to thank fans for making new donations as we enter the last week of the Battle (and as of 9/8/10 Team Eric is BEHIND!) Totals for the contest updated 9/8/10:

Team Eric        $21,341   updated total  as of 9/10/10        $25,946

Team Bill         $22411     updated total as of  9/10/10           23,021 (but we have heard that they are much closer to team Eric now!)

Incentive #1: =$100 Donation

Single Pendant without Necklace

♥ Double-sided photo frame
♥ Heirloom Assurance
♥ Shipped with photos inserted
♥ Single pendant without necklace
♥ Not intended for children 12 or under

I can send the pendant with a newer photo of Alexander (from 06/2010) . The image below is a draft/preview image  of the newer back photo. (I am still awaiting the final version from the manufacturer)

Incentive #2 = $150 Donation

You can click here to see the preview of the purse calendar book that I created using photos that I have taken personally of Alexander Skarsgard.


The flip book details are:

  • 5.75″ x 3.5″
  • 10 double-sided pages (non-expandable)
  • Rounded corners
  • Full-bleed images
  • Wire, spiral binding
  • Velvet, acid-free, lignin-free paper

Incentive #3=$200 donation



Playing Cards

♥ The deck contains 54 cards

The photographs are of images I have taken at True Blood events.

How does this work? Make your donation to Alexander’s charity, SOS Children’s Villages, in the Battle of the Fang by

using the link on this page:

Then please send a copy of the invoice/receipt for the donation to :


Only one prize per donatino equal to amount listed next to the incentive listed above. Donations above and beyond amount listed by incentive can earn you incentive below if you so choose. i.e.  I donate $299 but I’d rather have the calendar than the playing cards  (I do not get all three incentives  only one).

Thanks again to all who have helped out with the Battle of the Fang! Again here is the link where to make the donation

Battle of the Fang Donation page:

I also donate the profits on the sales from the site store. The shirt design below is one of the newest designs and it is a play on words for “sweet dreams”. I sent in the latest profit amounts today to help out with the battle! Thanks to all who have purchased and for all the fan support!