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True Blood Season 7 On Location New Images Bellefleur Home


True Blood is busy filming their final season. Yes season 7 will be the last one for the show. The location used was located in Los Angeles at the home used for the “Bellefleur” scenes. The home is where Sheriff Andy and his half fairy daughter and Arlene live. Chris Bauer was the only cast member on set while I was there (Had to leave early sadly). When Chris saw that fans were across the street he came on over and took photos and signed autographs.

It really is a small world since there were 2 groups of fans who were from Germany and it turned out they were from the same city! Ingo was in town after filming a music video for ATB and the ladies (one was named Chris )  were also on vacation. It is great meeting fans from all around the world!

DSC_7222 2

The filming was interior shots so we could not see that but could hear them saying “rolling” , action and cut. There was also a large curtain/blue screen and scaffolding in front: Continue reading

True Blood Inside the Episode Video for “At Last”


A new episode of True Blood aired tonight. The fourth installment for season six was titled “At Last”. HBO posted the Inside the Episode video below: So what did you think of tonight’s episode fans? Sound off in the comments.


Chris Bauer Talks Getting Naked on True Blood

Chris Bauer in “What Rhymes with America”

True Blood’s Chris Bauer is in a play on Broadway “What Rhymes with America” and was interviewed by Broadway.com. The following is an excerpt from that interview:

Long before he won the role of lovably dim sheriff Andy Bellefleur on the vampire-themed HBO series True Blood, Chris Bauer was tackling a variety of dramatic roles at Atlantic Theater Company, where he and his wife, costume designer Laura Bauer, are ensemble members. The versatile actor is currently leading the cast of Atlantic’s premiere production of What Rhymes With America as a depressed dad headed for a bitter divorce who juggles relationships with three women: his teenage daughter, an aspiring actress he befriends, and a quirky woman with whom he feels a romantic spark. We caught up with Bauer to get the skinny on What Rhymes With America, kissing Tony nominee Da’Vine Joy Randolph (the aspiring actress) and his wild ride on True Blood.

How is it being back on stage and back at the Atlantic Theater?
It feels like I was in a midlife crisis, and now it’s over.

So being back onstage re-rooted you? 
Oh my god, yes. It’s nothing less than a resurrection. I just feel so grateful. It’s such a privilege to work on a brand new play, one that is so inspired and so emotionally authentic.

What attracted you to this play and to your character? 
I felt like the human atmosphere of the play, the emotional landscape, was full of grief and intense desire for connection and people’s best attempts to live the life they feel they deserve. Those themes were so human and so compelling, it was like a pool I had to jump in.

How is it being the only guy in that cast? The ladies treating you well? 
They’re treating me so well! I think each of them is uniquely perfect for their role. And all three of them have taught me so much about coming together for a common purpose.

It’s so interesting to see the different way you interact on stage with each of the women. 
That’s incredible to hear because that chemistry—that sort of three-layer-cake of those relationships—is unique to each actress, and [director] Daniel Aukin really let us build those scenes out of the innate chemistry we have.

In the play, Da’Vine Joy Randolph talks about what an amazing kisser she is, and you guys share a crazy kiss. Is it great?
When she says, “I am a very great kisser,” she’s telling the absolute truth. I think it’s one of those moments where they [Da’Vine and her character Sheryl] really come together.

What do you love about performing onstage versus TV and film?
The thing I love the most is that everybody’s under one roof—the cast, the creative staff, the ushers, the house managers, the audience—and we’re all having the experience at the same time. It may not be the same experience, but it’s happening at the same time. And that convergence of people is so gratifying; it’s what creates meaning out of those two hours.

Did you meet your wife [costume designer Laura Bauer] duringLuck, Pluck and Virtue at Atlantic?
I actually met her a few months before that doing A Clockwork Orange at Steppenwolf, but Luck, Pluck and Virtue was the first time we were like, “Oh, I see you.” You know?

So that holds that special place for you as well?
It’s like its own little narrative, so I feel very emotional when I go work at Atlantic. I was there before I got married, I was there before I had kids, I was there before I was on TV and that building is place I feel the most comfortable onstage. It’s my home in New York.
When you signed on for True Blood, did you think the show would succeed, and that Andy would become a fan favorite?
No, I had no idea where the show or Andy was going to go. Like everybody else, the only material I had was the pilot script. My wife, interestingly enough, was the one who said, “You have to do this show. This show’s going to be a hit.” I make a joke a lot that I do whatever she says, but it’s true—she’s almost always right. That being said, it’s really cool to be heading into the sixth season and looking back seeing a character that really started off one-note, but as we left off in the fifth season, I’m the father of several babies born to a supernatural creature.

What’s the craziest thing they asked you do?
From my perspective—I’m 46 years old—the craziest thing they asked me to do was take off my clothes. Especially with some of those guys I work with; you almost want to poke your finger in them to see if they’re actually computer generated, because they’re just these genetic specimens. So it was a little crazy. I doubled up on the physical trainer and cut out the carbs.

Is there a limit to what you’ll do on camera?
I am the kind of actor who will do just about anything. However, I am really unable to do things that cause any duress in children. [Note: This interview was conducted before the tragic events in Newtown, CT.]  There was a scene in True Blood where I was addicted to vampire blood; I pull up to this shack in the cop car, screaming and running around, and there was this five-year-old boy, an extra, who didn’t know that was going to happen. He burst into tears and got so upset. I walked up to him and said, “You know this is all pretend, and this is going to be a really fun day. Watch me: Next time I’m going to scream even louder.” It actually turned into kind of a fun little connection. But I can’t do anything that freaks kids out. They’re too precious. I mean, my kids don’t even watch the show.

Do you think having a lot of theater veterans on True Blood makes a difference? 
Beside the fact that they tend to be solid actors, it makes for a very respectful workplace. It’s very professional—no divas allowed, be prepared, hang up your costumes at the end of the day—because we all have a background in theater.

What’s next for you in 2013?
I will be going back to L.A. and jumping right back into season six ofTrue Blood, and I’m on the board of Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, so maybe we can put something together for me to do there next season. But the bottom line is, doing What Rhymes with Americahas just been a straight-up transfusion, and I’m really excited to see where that impulse to create takes me next.

Don’t miss Chris Bauer off-Broadway in What Rhymes with America, running through December 30 at the Atlantic Theater Company.


True Blood will start filming their sixth season in January 2013. The season will premiere in the summer. (probably June 2013)

True Blood Season 6 Questions

It has been a week since the True Blood season 5 finale aired. Fans are still wondering just what did they see in the finale and what will it mean for the new season next summer.

Here are a few questions I know I have:

What will Andy do with 4 half fae daughters?

Maurella delivered not just one baby on the pool table at Merlottes but FOUR! She left the babies in Andy’s care with the comment that it is his duty to make sure at least half of them make it to adulthood. Will they grow quicker than human babies? Will Andy manage with 4 newborns? Holly is a saint for helping deliver the babies. Not sure she will be willing to raise the babies (but she just might to help Andy out). Alan Ball hinted that the babies may go live with the fairies as protection (in the TV Guide interview)

Who is Warlow?

Jason is seen in the bonus scene shown on HBO Go calling out that he’s out for “Warlow”. Nora looks quite puzzled that Jason is aware of that name. Sounds like Nora will have some insight for him as to the identity of Warlow. What will he want with Sookie? What will it mean? Is he a friend or foe? He did kill the Stackhouses (or so we are led to believe). Have we already met this vampire? (Or will he be a new one shown in solid form not the spirit form shown in season 5)

What is Billeth?

Inside True Blood blog posted that : The blood of Lilith should come with a warning label. May cause a thirst for power and possible hallucinations. Or is she real? “Whether this creature is an apparition or a deity, it doesn’t really matter,” says Alan Ball in the Inside the Episode video. “She’s pitting them against each other to get the strongest to survive.” In the interactive features on HBO GO, Stephen Moyer says Lilith is setting up “a giant, bloody game of ‘Survivor.’ 

In the season 5 finale Bill Compton drank the vial that contained the ‘blood of Lillith’. This caused him to liquify and what appeared to be a ‘final death’.  Looks were definitely deceiving when we next see Bill rise up from the blood and appear to be the new version of “Lillith”. Just what is this incarnation? (Billith) Is it still Bill Compton? Vampire Bill did go very dark in season 5 so now this new incarnation is another shock for fans.

Will fans see Eric and Sookie ‘together’ again in season 6?

No I don’t just mean in the same scene. Will they rekindle the romance they shared while Eric had amnesia? (I might have hated the whole witches story line but Marnie’s spell did give us a great chance to see Amnesia Eric). Eric and Sookie did share a tender moment when they both thought that Bill was truly dead. Will they join forces to battle Billith?

Will they find that love again? Eric has admitted his love for Sookie. Will any of that be shown in season 6? Again Alan Ball teased fans with “But right now we don’t know how Sookie feels about vampires. The fairy elder said, “There’s a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet.” That’s going to be very interesting to find out why.”

The season finale of course answered and finalized some story lines but also left even more open for season 6. Hopefully the storylines will make sense and not cause for cluttered and rushed episodes. Season 6 will only have 10 episodes so how it will all play out will be interesting.





Peek at True Blood’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

Highlight Hollywood posted a tidbit for fans on the upcoming True Blood episode 5.09 “Everybody wants to Rule the World”. Here’s and excerpt:  SPOILERS…..

In “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” as  the Authority proceeds with Lilith’s plan, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) plots his escape, and with serious consequences. Gran (Lois Smith) directs Sookie (Anna Paquin) to a clue to her parents’ murderer. Fans will be shocked where this all leads eventually.  But she soon is happy that Jason told her to save her fairy powers.  An exhausted Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) search for leads to the identities of the people behind the shifter killings. Andy will face some major challenges, that may affect his sobriety on V. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) recalls his pack induction, and he regrets an earlier move. Arlene (Carrie Preston) gets caught in Terry (Todd Lowe) and Patrick’s (Scott Foley) crossfire, and leave it to Arlene not to know when to leave things alone.  And just wait to see Steve (Michael McMillian) getting a new pet.  Expect a howling good time! And Russell ensnares the Shreveport wolf pack in his secret new plan, that not even The Authority expects.

The former Sheriff Budd Dearbourne will play a part in revealing the secret as well. Plus, we’d better worry about the Holy war about to break out between the vampires and humans. Bill has moved into a dark place, and Eric remains the lone vampire on the side of humans, especially Sookie.   The profound revelations about Sookie and Jason’s parents will hit the two very hard, as well as Trubies, who are itching to know the identity of “Worlo!”

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” was written by Raelle Tucker, and  directed by Dan Attias.


So who’s ready for new Blood??

True Blood Season 5 New Episode Image Andy and Sam

HBO has a new episode image on their site. This one is from episode 5.09 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and it features Andy and Sam. The caption is “Andy and Sam arguing”. Just what are they arguing about? We will find out on Sunday night. The episode description states:

As the Authority proceeds with Lilith’s plan, Eric plots his escape. Vampires celebrate the start of the holy war. Gran directs Sookie to a clue to her parents’ murderer. Andy and Jason search for leads to the identities of the people behind the shifter killings. Alcide recalls his pack induction; Arlene gets caught in Terry and Patrick’s crossfire; Steve gets a new pet. Anti-supernatural zealots put Sookie in danger.

The episode is written by Raelle Tucker and directed by Dan Attias.

Still waiting to see if there will be any new promos for this upcoming episode. The promo that aired on Sunday 7/29/12 is linked here: HBO promo

screen caps from that promo:

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