Walking With the Wounded Dinner in Antartica Prince Harry and Alexander Skarsgard


NBC aired “Prince Harry’s South Pole Heroes” tonight. The documentary featured Prince Harry and his participation in the Walking with the Wounded South Pole expedition. It was great to see the US team also in the video.

AlexWWTW3 NBC posted the video below featuring Alex entertaining the US team in his tent (and Prince Harry joins in). Yes Alex is wearing that yarn beard!


Here is the video from NBC.


Cut Copy Free Your Mind Trailer Featuring Alexander Skarsgard


A new video from Youtube featuring Alexander Skarsgard from Cut Copy. Alex is sporting long hair for the trailer for the music video.  This awesome tumblr has great gif’s from the music video that will be released on Thursday October 10, 2013. sikanapanele tumblr. Huge thanks to Eric Northman Fans for the photo!


Alexander Skarsgard Video From Live with Kelly and Michael Show


Alexander Skarsgard appeared on the Live with Kelly and Michael show on ABC today 04/09/13. It was a lot of fun to hear Alex talk about True Blood and his upcoming film “Disconnect”.


It was funny when Michael and Alex stood next to each other to see who was taller!!

He did not spill too much about True Blood other than there is an upcoming war. Seems that the humans are giving a bit of ‘resistance’ as he said. Sounds like season 6 will be another action filled season. (just hope a lot of the action involves Eric Northman!)

Video from Live with Kelly and MIchael:

Live with Kelly and Michael tweeted this photo and asked fans who do they think is taller? Looks really close. Who do you think is taller?




Alexander Skarsgard Talks Disconnect Video


Alexander Skarsgard, Paula Patton, Jason Bateman and Max Theirot were  interviewed by during their press tour for Disconnect. They reveal how their characters get caught up in technology in the film

UPDATE:  here’s another short clip trailer for the film “Disconnect”:


Disconnect Video Trailer Featuring Alexander Skarsgard


A new video trailer for “Disconnect” is below featuring Alexander Skarsgard and Paula Patton. He is on a trip to El Paso and finds himself without a credit card to use. It is only the beginning of his journey in the film into discovering someone has accessed their personal information online.

The film is due in theaters on April 12, 2013. Can’t wait.


Alexander Skarsgard Video From Disconnect Premiere Also Talks True Blood


Alexander Skarsgard was interviewed on the red carpet for the premiere for “Disconnect” at Santa Barbara Film Festival. He mentions how he came straight from the True Blood set (and even had some red makeup still on his nails). He mentions that Bill has gone a little crazy, so we’re dealing with that this year”

Video below:

Some screencaps: Loved it when he was trying to get the red makeup off his nails!