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Alexander Skarsgard Photos from Calvin Klein Fashion Show


Alexander Skarsgard attended the Calvin Klein Fashion show today 09/12/13  held at Spring Studios in New York City during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Images in the gallery below. Nicole Kidman also posed with Alex for a photo. Calvin Klein will be hosting a party tonight. I’ll post photos as soon as they are available. Continue reading

Alexander Skarsgard Interview with Metro UK


Alexander Skarsgard is featured in the current Metro UK issue. Interview excerpt is below. To download a digital edition of the issue please visit this link at Metro UK MetroUK digital
The pdf of the section is below click on link to open the article.  Continue reading

SciFi Now True Blood Article: Blood is Thicker than Slaughter


Issue 80 of SciFi Now magazine features True Blood as “Must See TV”. They feature several images from Season 5 and new info for season 6.   The article is titled “Blood is thicker than Slaugher”. Stating “On the brink of True Blood season six, we look forward to a future without showrunner Alan Ball, and the big ideas that will shake Bon Temps….”

Looks like Eric Northman will be trying to stake another vampire in the photo below:


The images in the gallery below are the scans from the magazine. (it is available for sale at Barnes and Noble and also online in iTunes and Amazon). The link to the magazine site is here: 

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Alexander Skarsgard Talks The East

USWeekly The East

The June 10, 2013 issue of US Weekly features “The East” with three and a half stars (out of 4 total possible stars) and an interview withe Alexander Skarsgard.



I’m surprised that the press always thinks it’s a new thing for Alex to do a nude scene! He’s said it many times that he’s Swedish and yes he likes to be nude! The question for True Blood season 6:  Still fun? “Yes! I get six months off a year to do other work. And there’s always crazy stuff going on with my character!”

Can’t wait to see his film “The East” again. It opens today in select theaters. Also can’t wait to see the season 6 premiere of True Blood.

The East Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere Photos

DSC_6494 (1)

Alexander Skarsgard and his cast mates for the film “The East” were in attendance for the LA red carpet premiere held on 05/28/13 at The Arclight Theater in Hollywood. The cast was introduced in front of the theater before the film was premiered. I was able to get some quick photos of Alex, Ellen Page, Brit Marling, Zal Batmanglij, Aldis Hodge, Hillary Baack, and Patricia Clarkson.


The film was a very thought provoking one. The suspenseful film features Brit Marling as former FBI agent, Sarah Moss who goes deep undercover into the anarchist group “The East” (run by Benjy played by Alexander Skarsgard).

DSC_6485 (1) It was a very good movie. Still writing up the film review. The gallery below has the images from last night.

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Alexander Skarsgard Attends LA Times Indie Focus Screening of What Maisie Knew


The Los Angeles Times held a screening of the film “What Maisie Knew” as part of their Indie Focus program. I was fortunate to attend the screening and the Q and A held after the screening. Alexander Skarsgard, Onata Aprile, and directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel attended the screening. The Q and A was moderated by LA Times writere Mark Olsen. 


Alexander Skarsgard and Onata Aprile attended the Q and A and they were absolutely adorable together in the film and during the Q and A. Alex carried Onata into the theater and helped her get into the chair. Alex was telling how Onata loved it when he would lift her up by her arms in the film in the image above. Due to their height differences Alex would have to pick Onata up in order for them to be in the same frame. It was also fun to hear how Onata loved the scene where they played Monopoly in the movie and beat all the adults.


The directors mentioned how it took auditioning over 150 young girls before they found the perfect Maisie- Onata.

DSC_6372 (1)

Alex plays Lincoln, Maisie’s step dad in the film. The movie was just a delight to watch. It has a very sad theme involving the break up of a relationship and the subsequent effect it has on the young child involved. Onata plays Maisie a 6 year old who has to adapt to a new life spent between squabbling parents who have now remarried (in an effort to help with the custody hearings)


Onata was amazing in her role. Watching Alex and Onata on screen was also a joy to watch. Yet the movie is very very sad at times. As a mom I just wanted to yell at the parents who were just really not putting the child’s best interests at heart. The theater was filled to capacity.


The film is out now in Los Angeles. I will post the theaters as soon as I can. Here is a link for the theaters in the Los Angeles area that are showing the film:  Fandango.com The images in the gallery below were taken by me during the Q and A. I still have a lot more to edit.


Alex was also very nice and so happy that fans came out to the screening and thanked us after the screening. He gladly took photos with fans. A security guard was trying to shoo away fans and say ok that’s enough but Alex just said “no let the fans get their photos”. I was one of the last lucky ones to get my photo with Alex. Since I’m short he scrunched down to help out (i was on my tippy toes but still way shorter to Alex’s 6′ 4″).

Huge thanks to my friends who helped make the photo opportunity possible! (no one can work my dang camera!!) It was a very very long day but it was all worth it in the end. (I had driven out to The Grove for Alex’s interview but it was sadly cancelled)

UPDATE: Amazon has the tie-in version for What Maisie Knew for sale featuring Alex on the cover: (reading it now!)

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Alexander Skarsgard New Photos New York Events

Alexander Skarsgard has been in New York city since last week for the What Maisie Knew premiere and the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show. He’s also been very busy attending several events while in New York:

May 5, 2013:  “Great Gatsby” film premiere after party:
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
May 6, 2013:   ”PUNK: Chaos To Couture” Costume Institute Gala [May 6,2013]

tumblr_mmeoxzAvCl1qa1rooo2_250 tumblr_mmeoxzAvCl1qa1rooo1_250



Alexander Skarsgard Photos From Disconnect Panel NYC Apple Store

Alexander Skarsgard, Paula Patton and Jason Bateman made an appearance at the SoHo Apple Store in New York today 04/08/13. Images on this post are fan photos from the event. The Q&A was hosted by Peter Travers.



SOURCE: leighjhallway Instagram

tumblr_mkyj8yNleq1qc5buuo1_1280 tumblr_mkyj8yNleq1qc5buuo2_1280


SOURCES:  valkyrieny & aimeestern instagr.ams

The New York premiere for “Disconnect” will take place today so hopefully more new photos will pop up soon!

UPDATE: here’s another fan photo:




UPDATE: The Disconnect film page on Facebook has an album with photos from the red carpet premiere. No photos of Alex yet but keep an eye out: Link here

There are some great HQ photos on this link: Access Hollywood:

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Alexander Skarsgard Photos from SXSW 2013


Alexander Skarsgard is in Austin for the SXSW Music and Film Festival for the screening there of his film “The East”. The photo above is from the event. (My friend is in the bottom right corner of the photo). So happy for all the fans there.

She sent me this photo of Alex:

Photo Credit: N.Bezar

Photo Credit: N.Bezar

More images will be added as they start popping up! My friend has video of her and Alex from the event. So happy again for all that are there!!

More photos: Askars’ tumblr:

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Alexander Skarsgard Promo Image from “What Maisie Knew”

WhatMaisieKnew Alex


Millenium Entertainment released the image above of Alexander Skarsgard and Onata Aprile from the film “What Maisie Knew”. This film looks like it will definitely tug at the heart strings with scenes like the one above.

The gallery below has screencap images from the promo trailer released 5/12/12:

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