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Alexander Skarsgard Filming “Diary of a Teenage Girl”

Alexander Skarsgard 01/21/14

photo credit: deechy_peachy @ twitter)

Alexander Skarsgard has been spotted filming for his role in the film “Diary of a Teenage Girl” on location in San Francisco.

The movie in question is Diary of a Teenage Girl, and is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Phoebe Gloeckner. Here’s a description of the book, courtesy of Publisher’s Weekly: Continue reading

TIFF 2012 Schedule Released: What Maisie Knew and Disconnect

Alexander Skarsgard will have two films featured at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. The dates of the screenings for “What Maisie Knew” and Disconnect are below:

What Maisie Knew:

Friday September 7
Roy Thomson Hall
9:30 PM
Saturday September 8
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1
12:45 PM
Sunday September 16
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1
3:30 PM


Tuesday September 11
Princess of Wales
7:00 PM
Wednesday September 12
Ryerson Theatre
12:00 PM
Sunday September 16
Scotiabank 3
9:15 AM

To purchase tickets please visit this link at TIFF.net

As of today there has been no official confirmation whether or not Alexander Skarsgard will be able to attend the screenings. It might be a last minute decision. As soon as any official announcement is made I’ll post on the site. (per his manager)

UPDATE: 9/6/12:  Per Alex’s manager things are looking pretty good for Alex to be there at TIFF 2012!! Can’t wait to get the photos from the event! Good luck to all the fans that are there.

What Maisie Knew TIFF Festival Gala Presentation

Alexander Skarsgard’s upcoming film “What Maisie Knew” will be presented at TIFF (Toronto Internation Film Festival).

The film description:

Drawing from classic American literature but rooted in today’s New York City, What Maisie Knew is an affecting portrait of a family coming apart, as seen from the vantage point of a six-year-old girl who watches the adults around her behave like children.

Susanna (Julianne Moore) is a pushy but seductive rock and roll icon married to Beale (Steve Coogan), a charming, distracted art dealer. Unnerved by the prospect of middle-aged stasis and drawn to other lovers, the couple eventually divorces. Maisie (Onata Aprile), their only child, is caught in the middle of it all, a flesh-and-blood bargaining tool who winds up being shuttled back and forth between her parents as they each attempt to start their lives afresh with new partners. Quietly precocious and a keen observer, Maisie begins to understand how essentially selfish, irresponsible and damaged her parents really are. With time their new relationships disintegrate as well, and Maisie is forced to consider whether or not she should try to construct for herself a whole new family altogether.

The genius of Henry James’ novel lay in its uncanny ability to capture its young protagonist’s developing consciousness over time. As rendered by the directing duo of Scott McGehee and David Siegel (who also dealt sensitively with complicated parent-child relations in The Deep End and Bee Season), this screen version conveys Maisie’s internal world not so much through language as images. In Aprile, they have found a truly remarkable child star, with a gaze that arrests us with its sincerity and knowingness. Hers is an unforgettable performance, beautifully matched by her adult co-stars Moore (feisty, compelling, and often clad in leopard-print outfits) and Coogan, who is by turns frustrating and endearing in an atypical dramatic role. A grown-up film about childhood and a scathing look at two childish grown-ups,What Maisie Knew is, above all, wickedly amusing and cuttingly insightful.

To purchase tickets please visit TIFF.net

Official Trailer:

New Melancholia Character One-Sheets Released

Magnolia Pictures released six new “one-sheets” featuring different characters from the film “Melancholia”. Melancholia stars, John Hurt, Kirsten Dunst, Alexander Skarsgard, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, Stellan Skarsgard, and Udo Kier. The film’s title refers to Planet  Melancholia which is an enormous planet that looms close to Earth. Lars Von Triers directed this film from his own screenplay.

Page here has film release dates: Magnolia Pictures announced that they will release the dramatic thriller on video on demand October 7 before the film is released to theaters on 11/4/11.

Gallery below has the character one-sheets:

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Straw Dogs Review Roger Ebert


Roger Ebert just posted his review of Rod Lurie’s film “Straw Dogs”. Great to see that the film is getting great reviews.

Here is an excerpt:

This new version of “Straw Dogs” is a reasonably close adaptation of the 1971 film by Sam Peckinpah. Change the location from England to Mississippi, change a mathematician into a screenwriter, keep the bear trap and the cat found strangled, and it tells the same story. It is every bit as violent. I found it visceral, disturbing and well-made.

James Marsden and Kate Bosworth star in the roles originally played by Dustin Hoffman and Susan George, as an intellectual and his wife who move to a rural area where he can work undisturbed. There is something about this man and his sexy wife that disturbs the locals down at the pub, and what begins as a subtle competition over territorial rights (in the Darwinian sense) escalates implacably into a full-blown lethal struggle. The lesson learned is that the egghead contains the possibility of using great violence when his home and wife are threatened. At the beginning, he doesn’t know that

For the full review please click on the link to jump to his site: Straw Dogs :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews.

Why remake ‘Straw Dogs?’


Rene Rodriguez from The Miami Herald wrote the following review of the film “Straw Dogs”

I saw Rod Lurie’s Straw Dogs (due out Sept. 16) this morning and was immediately struck by two things: 1) The film is practically identical to Sam Peckinpah’s original, yet feels completely different (this is easily Lurie’s best work as a director); and 2) the violence isn’t nearly as shocking in 2011 as it was in 1971, but it doesn’t feel as cathartic or rousing as I expected. Instead, the mayhem felt vaguely depressing – a graphic, bloody depiction of the loss of humanity.

Pauline Kael famously referred to Peckinpah’s movie as a “fascist film,” but I doubt she would say the same about Lurie’s version, which boasts a much less graphic rape sequence and still-gory but swift violence that Lurie’s camera doesn’t linger on. I’ve been asking around lately and haven’t found a single person outside of movie critics and film buffs who has seen Straw Dogs: Peckinpah, I think, did a little too good a job at making sure his film was an unpleasant experience.

For the full review please visit Miami.com link below:

Why remake ‘Straw Dogs?’ | miami.com.

For the photo gallery on this site for Straw Dogs see below:

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New Photo From Alexander Skarsgard’s Film Straw Dogs

Rod Lurie just tweeted the photograph above from his film “Straw Dogs”. The image shows Kate Bosworth and James Marsden. Alexander Skarsgard portrays the character of “Charlie” in the film. The film is due to be released in September 2011.


Page for Straw Dogs is located here on this site:
Additional images for the film are in the gallery below:

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Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’: What the critics say


Photo Credit: ©2011 Christian Gesinaes

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard is featured in Lars von Trier’s film “Melancholia”. Due to filming schedule of True Blood Alexander was unable to attend the Cannes Film Festival where the film made it’s debut. Digital Spy’s movie editor, Simon Reynolds gave movie fans a snapshot of what the Cannes critics had to say about Melancholia.

Here is an excerpt of that review summary:


Photo Credit: ©2011 Christian Gesinaes

The Guardian (Peter Bradshaw)
“If Melancholia had been conceived with real passion or imagination, or if it had been well written or convincingly acted in any way at all, it might have been a loopy masterpiece. The montage of images at the beginning is interesting, as are some of the lush, hyper-real tableaux, like the dream sequences from Antichrist.”

Movieline (Stephanie Zacharek)
“With Melancholia, von Trier hasn’t tried to top himself, thank God. Despite the somber nature of the title, the movie is something of a breather, a respite, a chance for von Trier to explore emotional anguish and intricacies in vibrant, often elegant visual ways, with no self-mutilation involved. It’s gorgeous to look at, deeply moody and atmospheric, and it’s always in on its own grim little joke.”

melancholia007For the full article please visit the Digital Spy link below. There has also been a lot of controversy over what Lars von Trier said during the recent press conference. Hopefully the movie can survive the awful firestorm of backlash from his unwise choice of words. Alexander Skarsgard fans are awaiting the chance to see the film and see his work on the big screen.

Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’: What the critics say.

Alexander Skarsgard Adds Cast of Film “What Maisie Knew”


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson

The Hollywood Reporter just reported that Alexander Skarsgard has just joined the cast of the film “What Maisie Knew”. Loved their title “True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Sinks Teeth Into “What Maisie Knew” .  Alex joins Julianne Moore, and Steve Coogan in the film. an excerpt from the article:

an adaptation of the Henry James novel set in contemporary New York from co-directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel.


Billed as a comedy drama, the movie will be produced and bankrolled by banner Red Crown Prods.

U.S. buyers are being tempted during the Marche du Film by WME’s Graham Taylor and Mark Ankner and international sales by Fortissimo Films.

For the full article please visit The Hollywood Reporter. Can’t wait to get my magazine this week to see if this news is in there!