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“Diary of a Teenage Girl” predicted for Sundance 2015.


Alexander Skarsgard filmed his role in “Dairy of a Teenage Girl” at the beginning of 2014, and fans are now impatiently waiting for the release date. There are some possible good vibes on the horizon as Eric Lavallée, editor-in-chief and film critic at IONCINEMA, is predicting that the movie may make its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, which takes place in Park City, Utah, from January 22 to February 1 2015.

We’d be hard pressed to find more of an enraptured superfan of Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel than Marielle Heller. The actress adapted Diary of a Teenage Girl into a stageplay, played the lead, and at the end of the playhouse run figured she wasn’t done with the material. 2012 was a pivotal bloom year for the adaptation, with Heller landing all encompassing support  from the Sundance Institute folks with a quartet of workshoppy goodness: Creative Producing Summit, June Screenwriters Lab, Directors Lab and Screenplay Reading Series. Production took place in San Francisco this past January, with the love triangle roles being distributed to Alexander Skarsgard, Kristen Wiig, and newbie Bel Powley in the title role. Set in the Farrah Fawcett pin-up era, this potentially thorny The Ice Storm-esque drama pits irresponsible adults with grown up teenagers and should be a highly sought after acquisitions title …. especially if Wiig nabs a Supporting Actress nom for The Skeleton Twins at the Indie Spirits later this month.

Gist: Based on Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel of the same name, this follows a teen artist (Powley) living in San Francisco in the ’70s who attempts to navigate her way through an affair with her mother’s boyfriend.

Production Co./Producers: Cold Iron Pictures’ Miranda Bailey (Super), Archer Gray’s Anne Carey (Little Accidents), Caviar’s Bert Hamelinck (Nymphomaniac: Vol. I & II) and Madeline Samit.

Prediction: U.S. Dramatic Competition most logical route.

U.S. Distributor: Rights Available. UTA (domestic). K5 International (international)

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Alexander Skarsgard Confirmed for The East


Alexander Skarsgard has finally confirmed that he will be in the film titled “The East”.

[box] Ellen Page is in final talks to join “The East,” the indie eco-terrorism thriller that stars Brit Marling and Alexander Skarsgard. Skarsgard plays the leader of a eco-terrorist group, and Marling is a law enforcement agent who infiltrates the organization. Page plays Skarsgard’s ex and fellow eco-terrorist, who bristles when Skarsgard and Marling fall for one another. Who wants to bet she’s the really bad egg of the tale?[/box]


Variety.com reports:

[box] According to Variety, ‘The East’ centers around “a private contracting firm tasked with protecting big corporations from radical environmentalists and anti-business extremist, with its agents task with infiltrating a mysterious anarchist Organization, known only as The East. Ellen Page is slated to play an East member who is green with envy over Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood), leader of The East, and Brit Marling’s (Another Earth) onscreen romance. Marling will be playing an undercover agent. If the ‘Inception’ actress signs on she would be replacing Felicity Jones, who was previously scheduled to take on the role, but she couldn’t commit due to scheduling conflicts with her attachment to the movie ‘Like Crazy’. [/box]

Imdb.com has the following information on the film:

A story centered on a woman who infiltrates an anarchist group.


Zal Batmanglij


Brit Marling (screenplay), Zal Batmanglij (screenplay)


Straw Dogs In Theaters Today!

The wait is finally over for Alexander Skarsgard fans! Yes the film “Straw Dogs” opens today. It was great to open up my email yesterday and have the poster above with a link to purchase tickets for the film.  link here: CLICK ON READ MORE: Continue reading

CharityBuzz Auction Autographed True Blood Scripts

A huge thanks to CharityBuzz for the information on the auctions they have going on right now~ happy bidding!

As the bloodsucking Viking vampire Eric Northman and his loyal protege Pam De Beaufort, Alexander Skarsgard and Kristin Bauer have us wrapped around their fingers…or should we say fangs? The delightfully badass duo have had quite the season battling Marni’s wicked witch spells, love triangles and the anti-vampire league. Now, the actors who have brought Fangtasia’s vicious vamps to life are giving fans a chance to own a permanent piece of the True Blood saga. Click on Read More: Continue reading

Scream Awards 2011 Time to Vote for Alexander Skarsgard

Seems that time flies by even quicker this time of year. Yes fans it is time to vote for the Scream Awards! Alexander Skarsgard is up again for the category of “Best Horror Actor”. He won last year for that category so let’s see if we can make it a two-peat! I was in the audience and it was a blast watching Alex accept his award. Fans can vote at for Best Horror Actor linked here.  He is up against Stephen Moyer again this year! Anna Paquin is also nominated! True Blood is also up for best TV Show. So get out there and vote (please!)


All of the categories are here:

SpikeTV linked here:
Here are all the categories and links for voting:
Ultimate Scream: TRUE BLOOD

Best TV Show: link (tough category this year!) 

Best Horror Actress: Anna Paquin

Best Horror Actor: Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer are both up for the awards!

Best Breakout Performance Male: Joe Manganiello


Best Ensemble: True Blood

The Ultimate Scream: True Blood

True Blood Soul of Fire Spoilers and Speculations

True Blood’s season 4 has been one of many twists and turns. Fans are still wondering what will happen this Sunday. When we last saw the vampires they were all decked out in black looking like they were the vamp version of the A team. (the v-team? the fangsters??).  It was quite a sight.

The episode summary for 4.11 “Soul of Fire” states:

As the Wiccan-vampire standoff reaches a critical juncture, Sookie (Anna Paquin) summons her faerie powers to prevent Marnie (Fiona Shaw) from bewitching Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) into a suicide march, while Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) casts a secret spell designed to un-bind Marnie/Antonia and break the witch’s deadly defenses.  Sam (Sam Trammell) settles a score with Marcus (Dan Buran); Alcide (Joe Manganiello) confronts Debbie (Brit Morgan) about her allegiances; Andy (Chris Bauer) finds unexpected passion in the forest; Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is consumed by the past.

Written by Mark Hudis; directed by Michael Lehmann.   

Here are some of the spoilers/speculations: SPOILER ALERT -I was at the filming for some of this episode (the parts at the Moon Goddess location). My observations are based on what I saw and what others saw during the times I was not there.


 When the Vamps come a knocking Packing Heat….Don’t answer the door:

Yes the vampires will take matters into their own undead hands at the Moon and Goddess. Unfortunately they do not know that Sookie is trapped under the protection spell that is over the store. (at first but Jason will let them know) We saw her try to save Tara but got stuck instead along with Lafayette, and Jesus. Poor Jason was the only one left behind. In the filming that was done on location the image below shows the vampires and King Bill was heard calling out to Antonia. In the scene they kept practicing “Antonia, show yourself”. Vampire Kirsch was still spelled and was seen under Bill’s foot.


During filming Bill would place his foot on Kirsch's back.


Bill's hand is bloody-perhaps from killing Duprez

Duprez unfortunately I believe will meet his final death. (there were vampire goo-mains on the ground shown below). Duprez was shown in the promo trailer for 4.11 trying to battle with Bill. CLICK ON READ MORE For rest of article: Continue reading