TBS4 Waiting Sucks 6 Terry


This cap shows the table with the crayons. Notice the doll to the left in the image. A hint perhaps?

The screen caps in the gallery below are from the Waiting Sucks video released 4/9/11. It features Terry and Arlene. The fliming took place 2/28/11 and it is from episode 4.04. Take a close look at a few of the caps. Arlene is shown taking a nap with her kids on the couch.

Terry is shown walking with the baby:tbs4wsucks6008

Looks like it may be Halloween season (notice the decorations/pumpkin in background)tbs4wsucks6015


Notice the doll that is directly in front of the writing. (on the floor)

The next set of action seems to be in the morning. Terry is walking in with a laundry basket and is surprised by the “writing on the wall”.

SPOILER—-There is a doll on the table where the crayons are. Hmmm. Is this a hint that they may have a “possessed doll”? Also there is a doll directly in front of the wall where the writing is located. There are 2 dolls actually but the one I’m referring to is the one on the right (looks antique) This doll looks a lot like the old doll that was left behind by the prior renter/owners of the house that Hoyt rented for he and Jessica. In the season 3 finale there was a close up of the doll on the floor. Could there be some more significance to the doll? I have a feeling there is. Perhaps Jessica when cleaning up the new love shack gives Arlene the doll for her daughter. Waiting sucks and guessing about the hints makes the wait less painful. I’d love to hear of other ideas from this trailer!

Rarely does anything show up without a reason.


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