TBS4 Invitation Set Caps


The screen cap images in the gallery below are from HBO’s “Invitation to the Set” for True Blood’s season 4. The video which aired on Sunday 4/17/11 showed a mix of scenes for season 4. Some were filming shots including the waiting sucks videos. I also took some screen caps of some new items which seem to show some of the “casting calls” for the character of Don Bartolo. Fans also have more images of the character of Marnie. Images 67-92 show a certain viking vampire with “amnesia”. Hallelujus! Waiting sucks!!


Season 4: A "Spellbound" amnesiac Eric Northman


Sookie calling out to Eric from her car


Eric not looking very pleased here


A closer look at Bill Compton's office


Looks like "Don Bartolo" and flashback scene here


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