Photo Credit: J. Merritt/Getty Images

2012 Photos

Photo Credit: J. Merritt/Getty Images

Images of Alexander Skarsgard taken during 2012 during apperances, events will be organized under this page by date.

05/30/12 True Blood Season 5 Premiere and Party

05/18/12 True Blood Filming New Orleans

05/10/12 True Blood Filming 

05/10/12 Battleship Los Angeles Premiere

05/02/12 Battleship Cartagena, Columbia Premiere

04/28/12 Battleship Photo Call

04/12/12 Coachella

04/15/12 Coachella LaCoste Party

04/11/12 Avengers Los Angeles Premiere

04/02/12 Battleship Meet and Greet Japan

03/17/12 WonderCon Battleship Panel

03/17/12 WonderCon Michael McMillian Signing

02/26/12 Vanity Fair Post Oscars Party

02/25/12 Spirit Awards 

02/13/12 NYC Toy Fair

02/13/12 Nasdaq Bell Ringing

02/12/12 Edun NYC Party

02/11/12 Claire’s Place Foundation Joe Manganiello

02/01/12 True Blood Season 5 set

01/24/12 True Blood Season 5 Filming Green Castle

01/15/12 Golden Globes HBO After Party

01/13/12  Spencer Hart


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