True Blood Filming Photos 6/2011

True Blood was on location 6/2011 and I was able to watch some of the filming. Looks like they were filming for episode 4.10 (last part) and 4.11. A small part of the finale was also being rehearsed at the time. The images below were taken during the rehearsals.

Here are the posts related to the fiming. Spoilers in nature!

photos taken by site adming on 6/9/11 and 6/10/11

More photos added 8/28/11:

This is one that I really want to know what is going on. Was Eric offering himself up in exchange for a hostage? Why oh why does Alan Ball drive fans crazy like this??



Also got to see the vampires after some big “action” happens (you can see burn marks, scuffs, on their clothing)



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