08/13/10 Way Out West Music Fest

Alexander Skarsgard was able to relax after filming Melancholia and attended the Way Out West Music Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden this past weekend. The gallery below contains images from the festival. The photos were from the Expressen.se swedish news site.

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The translation of the  Expressen article is below: (google translation used)

Romance blossoms. During the summer, rumors that Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth would have made the final spread. But yesterday was the Way Out West together and the couple seemed more togther  than ever. Hollywood couple kissed openly, standing nearby, laughed and whispered to each other.

Photo: Oscar MAGNUSSON
It is not over – Skarsgård cuddles with her Bosworth
GOTHENBURG. Here Alexander Skarsgård Kate Bosworth and his love for Way Out West – and fights back against all the rumors.
Hollywood couple stood in the middle of the audience during the sea Way out West, jumped to the music.  They had also “Spiderman” star Kirsten Dunst with boyfriend – and she rocked most of all.
- We have fun here!

Swedish superstar Alexander Skarsgård and his girlfriend, actress Kate Bosworth, are  one of Hollywood’s hottest couple in love.
It has been speculated that it could be concluded between the couple, but when they showed up yesterday in the middle of the crowd at the Gothenburg festival Way Out West, there was no doubt. The couple looked out of our ears out ladies – and refuted rumors of the summer break.
Whispered to each other
They kissed openly, standing nearby, laughed and whispered to each other between songs during concerts, which they visited.
Many turned around when the picture-perfect pair came along, seemingly not bothered by all eyes.
- You are so cruel in the movie Alex! says a fan in the middle of crowds, and Alexander Skarsgård big smiles and thanks.
The couple also put up during the night pictures with fans.
And although both had VIP bracelets around his wrists, was the last night frequent visitor to several of the concerts in the middle of congestion among the thousands of other music fans.
American pop duo Beach House, and American indie-rock band The National, was two performances yesterday, but celebrity visits.
At the latter concert was also joined by another Hollywood star – Kirsten Dunst as the summer living temporarily in Trollhättan, where she and Alexander Skarsgård play in Lars von Trier film “Melancholia”.
Wolf whistled and sang with
Hollywood trio Skarsgård, Bosworth and Dunst danced along with his other buddies in full swing to the music, and seemed to be big fans of The National. They sang with several songs – and even Skarsgård wolf whistled several times. Kirsten Dunst joked and threw her hair, stuck out his tongue and clapped enthusiastically along.
- We have fun here! Everything is just wonderful!
As long as two weeks ago, visited Alexander Skarsgård and Kate Bosworth in the greatest secrecy inside the club push in Gothenburg.
By Sofia Persson
sofia.persson @expressen.se

Christopher Bystrom
christofer.bystrom @gt.se


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