“Diary” to play at Sydney Film Festival


The Diary of a Teenage Girl” is to make its Australian debut at the Sydney Film Festival next month. There will be 2 showings on 6 and 13 June. Full ticket information is here

It’s less than 3 months now until the movie opens in the US on August 7. (IMDb are also showing this as the opening date in the UK, but not confirmed yet).




“Diary” is a movie to relieve blockbuster fatigue


Alexander Skarsgard’s movie The diary of a teenage girl has been included in HuffingtonPost list of 22 movies to relieve your summer blockbuster fatigue.

What to expect: One of the most inspired coming-of-age tales in years, the ’70s-set “Diary of a Teenage Girl” introduces us to Bel Powley, who is remarkable as a dumpy teenager engaging in an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. That mother is portrayed by Kristen Wiig, who might just one-up her “Welcome to Me” performance with this self-absorbed, Patty Hearst-obsessed character, and the boyfriend is Alexander Skarsgård, whose delicate turn underscores the movie’s sketch of the post-hippie unrest that broiled through American culture.

If you’re not looking to spend your summer with action heroes and dinosaurs, there are plenty more potentially great movies in the the full list here





Bill Skarsgard in talks to join the “Divergent” Series

The Weinstein Company Party In Cannes Hosted By Lexus And Chopard At Baoli Beach - Arrivals

According to The Wrap Bill Skarsgard is currently in negotiations to join the cast of the latest Divergent movie, titled Allegiant Part 1. The first 2 films in the franchise each took over $250m at the worldwide box office, and star Shailene Woodley and Theo James (who is coincidentally currently filming War On Everyone with Alexander Skarsgard). Full story here


“War On Everyone” More Details & Distribution Deal


Screen Daily have released some more details about Alexander Skarsgard’s new movie “War On Everyone”

They confirm some new cast members and that worldwide distribution deals are already in place (including for the UK!).

John Michael McDonagh’s follow-up to CalvaryWar On Everyone, has rounded out cast and booked some key deals with the shoot now underway in New Mexico.

Divergent star Theo James is the latest young talent to join McDonagh’s black comedy, which has begun principal photography in Albuquerque.

Michael Peña (Fury), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) and James are starring in the story of two corrupt cops who set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path…until they intimidate someone who is seemingly more dangerous than they are. Or is he?

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First Picture of Alexander Skarsgard on “War On Everyone” Set


Actor Paul Reiser has posted the above picture on his twitter account, showing him with Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena on the set of “War On Everyone”.

Alexander and Michael play the lead characters – 2 corrupt policemen, Terry and Bob.

Looking good Mr Skarsgard, looking good :)



“Tarzan” Gets Chicago & LA Test Screenings



Alexander Skarsgard’s highly anticipated 2016 movie “Tarzan The Untamed” is getting its first test screening for a lucky audience in Chicago on Saturday. Director David Yates has previously used the Chicago cinema-going public to test out his Harry Potter films (You may have heard of them?). He has also attended at least a couple of the screenings himself. This Tarzan screening is very early, but it may be that the director / producers have a few different ideas, and want to gage the audience reaction before the movie is completed. It’s not clear if those in attendance will be able to make any public comments afterwards, but hopefully we might get one or two juicy titbits.

UPDATE: There is also now a test screening in Los Angeles on Monday night.

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Promo Poster for “War On Everyone”


Bankside Films , one of the film companies backing Alexander Skarsgard’s new movie “War On Everyone“, have released a new promo poster (also showing that Divergent star Theo James has been added to the cast).

Filming is currently taking place in New Mexico.

Principle cast: Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Pena, Tessa Thompson, Theo James.



“Diary” to be shown at LA Film Festival


Alexander Skarsgard’s critically acclaimed movie “Diary of a teenage girl” is to be shown at the LA Film Festival in June. It will form part of Buzz, the section of the festival reserved for “celebrated titles from festivals around the world”. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on May 19,

Press release       (Thanks to skarsjoy for highlighting this)

“Diary” will be released at US cinemas on August 7.



Margot Robbie – More On Tarzan


Margot Robbie has been talking to elmundo.es about her Hollywood career, including a little bit about Tarzan and Alexander Skarsgard. The interview has been written up in Spanish, but our wonderful site owner Barbara has translated any mention of Tarzan  for us. And whilst we are obviously always searching for the intellectual content of each article we couldn’t help but notice that Margot admits she has  “never seen a body like his”.

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Alexander Skarsgard to star in “War On Everyone”


Rumors have been circulating for a few days now that Alexander Skarsgard is to appear in the new John Michael McDonagh movie “War On Everyone“.

Headgear Films have Alexander listed under the cast, along with Michael Pena.

UPDATE: IMDb are now showing Alexander at the top of the cast list.

And today Deadline seem to confirm his involvement, stating that he is playing the part of “Terry”. Terry is one of 2 crooked cops who are the film’s  central characters.

From Deadline

Tessa Thompson (Dear White People) has been set as the female lead opposite Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena in John Michael McDonagh’s indie feature War On Everyone. The film revolves around two corrupt cops who make money blackmailing criminals — until they come up against one who might be far more dangerous than they are. Thompson will play a former stripper who ultimately ends up in a relationship with Terry (Skarsgard). 

This seems to us good enough confirmation that Alexander now has this role in the movie. Below is the current synopsis from Headgear Films.

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Looking Forward To 2016 Blockbusters Including Tarzan


Den of Geek have included Alexander Skarsgard’s movie Tarzan (Tarzan The Untamed) in their list of blockbusters to look forward to next year.

Harry Potter director David Yates is in post-production on his live-action telling of the Tarzan story. His film stars Alexander Skarsgard in the title role, with Margot Robbie as Jane and Christoph Waltz as Captain Rom. Samuel L Jackson and John Hurt are also on board this one.

Perhaps the only doubt over the project is its release date as things stand. Will Warner Bros really release this opposite Spielberg’s The BFG? We’d be surprised if there wasn’t a release date shuffle in the coming months…

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True Blood Alumni Update


Time for a quick update of some of our favorite True Blood actors.

Eric’s Vampire sibling, actress Lucy Griffiths, is to star in AMC’s pilot Preacher - based on the (very) graphic novel of the same name. We wish Lucy all the best with this, her True Blood character was sorely underused (more wasted potential from a show that ended up being renown for it).

Joe Manganiello has joined his fellow alumni Tara Buck, in the cast of Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday.

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Vote for “Diary” (10 Female Directors from Sundance)


Sundance TV have included “Diary of a teenage girl” and director, Marielle Heller, in their feature on 10 Female Directors who reeled in Sundance deals.

7. Marielle Heller, The Diary of a Teenage Girl
Heller transformed her considerable pre-festival buzz for The Diary of a Teenage Girl into a deal with Sony Picture Classics. Set in 1970s San Francisco, the movie’s about a young artist who has an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. It won the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for cinematography and sources say the deal was in the low seven figures.

You can also vote for “Diary” as the featured movie you would most like to see.

Vote here

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