More Sundance Portraits


A couple more portraits of Alexander Skarsgard at Sundance have been released today. The beautiful picture above is from Instyle and by Christopher Ferguson.

The one below is by Patrick Fraser for The Wrap


And we think we may have missed this one, released earlier, from Vanity Fair



Alexander Skarsgard & Bel Powley Vanity Fair Video Interview


Here’s a lovely video of Bel Powley and a quite honestly ridiculously gorgeous looking Alexander Skarsgard being interviewed for Vanity Fair.

At Sundance, the 22-year-old actress and co-star Alexander Skarsgård discuss their risqué collaboration.



Alexander Skarsgard Refinery 29 Interview


Alexander Skarsgard was interviewed by Refinery29 in the Acura Press Lounge at Sundance yesterday. They talked about “Diary of a Teenage Girl”, doing drama and relationship rumors.

One thing that really struck me about this movie is that I’ve never seen an American movie that treats teen, female sexuality this way. Did it give you some sort of insight what it was like to be a teen girl?
“I felt that when I read the script. I felt that it was a unique story — a story that hadn’t been told before. It’s a really brave script. I think it’s a shame that we have seen so many coming-of-age stories with boys where they address sexuality, but when it comes to girls, they’re always waiting on the knight in shining armor to come in on the white stallion to save them, you know? As if the only thing teenage girls think about is marriage and kids, which I think makes young girls uncomfortable. Or, teen girls feel like that there’s something wrong with them if they think about sex, because, again, you never see that. So, it was very refreshing to read a script where a girl actually can address that.”

As a grown woman who was once a 15-year-old girl, it’s interesting for me to watch this and sympathize with her in wanting to have this sexy affair with an older man, and as an adult, know that that’s an abuse of power and wrong and terrible. It’s this mélange of hot but dirty but wrong…
“Right, and we spent a lot of time in prep talking about that relationship and making it nuanced and layered. It was important to me that Monroe wasn’t just a predator. It was important to find moments between Monroe and Minnie that were genuine and were real. Monroe kind of pulls himself out of that, and, like you said, realizes, ‘This is wrong, I’m a grown man. This is not [okay].’ But, then he’s drawn back into it again. So, it’s a very complex and interesting relationship to me.”

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Alexander Skarsgard – Sundance Sunday

sundance (37)

Alexander Skarsgard was back on the streets of Sundance yesterday promoting “Diary of a Teenage Girl”.

As well as giving a couple of interviews he attended an event at the Acura Studio in Park City, Utah. Pictures in the gallery below.




“Diary” Interview for The Wrap Photographs

sundance (47) (1)

As with “Variety Studio”, Alexander, Bel and Marielle were also interviewed by “The Wrap” at Sundance yesterday. Hopefully the video will follow later today, and here are some great photos to keep you going.


sundance (15) (1)

“Diary” Interview with Variety Studio Photographs

sundance (13)

Yesterday at Sundance Alexander Skarsgard, Bel Powley and Marielle Heller were interviewed by “Variety Studio” to promote “Diary of a Teenage Girl”.

As soon as the interview is available, we’ll bring it to you, but for now here are some great pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Source: characteristicallyexuberant


“Diary of a Teenage Girl” Acquired by Sony Pictures Classics


Alexander Skarsgard’s new movie, Diary of a Teenage Girl, already a big hit at Sundance 2015, has been bought by Sony Pictures Classics for the US and other worldwide rights.

According to variety

Sony Pictures Classics has nabbed North American rights to “Diary of a Teenage Girl,” along with other worldwide rights.

The adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s coming-of-age novel centers on a troubled teenager (Bel Powley) who loses her virginity to her mother’s boyfriend (Alexander Skarsgard). Kristen Wiig co-stars in the picture, which debuted this Saturday at the Sundance. It has an interesting 1970s vibe.

In a Variety review, Dennis Harvey said the film is “ideally cast and skillfully handled.” It marks Marielle Heller’s directing debut.

UTA brokered the deal on behalf of the filmmakers.

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“Diary” Cast Party Photographs


Grey Goose Blue Door hosted the “Diary of a Teenage Girl” Cast Party in Park City, Utah last night. Alexander attended and is seen here with co-stars Bel Powley and Kristen Wiig, and above with the writer of the original graphic novel, Phoebe Gloekner. (The very first picture is from McDonalds McCafe presents The Village at the Lift on Friday).

Source: Zimbio


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“Diary” World Premiere Photographs


The World Premiere of “Diary of a Teenage Girl” took place on Saturday January 24th 2015 at Sundance. Here’s lots and lots of lovely photographs from the event:

Source: newzcard & imagebam & characteristicallyexuberant


Alexander at Hummus Kickoff Party (Sundance)


Alexander Skarsgard has attended the Hummus Kickoff Party at Sundance, along with a host of other stars including his “The East” co-star Brit Marling and his “Tarzan” co-star Margot Robbie.

Fans have been waiting impatiently to see the first photo of Alexander with  Margot, who plays Tarzan’s wife Jane Porter.

And just when we thought this weekend at Sundance couldn’t get any better, the two possibly least ugly people on the entire planet have obliged us by posing for a cute photograph together.

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