02/28/10 ITN UK Interview

True Blood star talks second season

Sun Feb 28 2010

True Blood is returning with the all new second season and our favourite vampire Eric Northman is back on the scene.

Swedish heartthrob Alexander Skarsgard plays the 1000-year-old vamp on the series that comes hot on the heels of the trend for all things vampire. Following in the footsteps of mega-hits like the Twilight saga and US show The Vampire Diaries, True Blood has been dubbed the more mature version.

Along with new supernatural types like shape-shifters and other mythical creatures, we can expect to see a different side to Skarsgards character, Eric.

He said: ” In season two it becomes much more personal for him, you will get to know him better and you will see that he can be very loyal and a very good friend.”

He also added: ” It’s important to play characters and not a look and I always look. I always look for real characters.”

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