05/27/10 Straw Dogs Screening

There was a screening of the film “Straw Dogs” today. Alexander Skarsgard has the role of Charlie in the Rod Lurie film. Riley was able to attend the screening and wrote up the below review of the film. 2010mar4tbseas3_n9s0

The following is a recap of some of the movie by Riley. I will be posting the rest later in the week.

The movie starts off with Charlie(Alexander Skarsgard) and his friends hunting.  Charlie wounds a deer. Norman(Rhys Coiro) mockingly tries to skin the deer while it’s still alive. Charlie shoots it again. You can see Charlie’s reflection in the deer’s eyes as it dies.

Amy(Kate Bosworth)and David(James Marsden) roll into town in their little white car happy and singing. They stop at the local bar Blackies for a bite to eat.  Amy reunites with Charlie. David hires Charlie for some repair work he needs done on Amy’s Dads house. Charlie agrees, and says that he’ll be there tomorrow morning.  ‘Coach’(James Wood)is at the bar causing a disturbance because the owner wants to cut him off. After a short altercation, Deputy John Burke(Laz Alonso) tells Coach to please leave. Coach hesitantly agrees. David and Amy leave the bar only to find Niles(Dominic Purcell) the local mentally Ill man in the car. David begins to yell , but Amy calms him down and goes over to Niles and asks him what he’s doing. He tells Amy that he’s driving. Niles’s brother Daniel(Walton Goggins)  goes over to them and takes him away apologizing.

David and Amy drive down the dirt road that leads to her old house when David stops the car and asks Amy if Charlie and she had a thing. She smiles and says yes. Then asks whether David is jealous. David says No because he got the girl. Amy then tries to undo David’s pants but David leaps out and calls her crazy to which she responds “that’s what they tell me.” They make their way over to the house and David says he loves it. Night falls and David and Amy play a game of chess. Amy is using a books because she doesn’t know how to play. David tells her that there is a better way of learning. He grabs a knight piece and slides it over her body. He asks he what it is and she says that it’s a knight. He grabs a queen piece and she sticks it somewhere because she kind of moans. He again asks her what it is and she says it a Queen. He then grabs a pawn piece and again sticks it somewhere and asks what it is. Amy says “you?” They both laugh and roll around.

The next morning they are woken up by loud music. David looks out the window and sees Charlie and some other men. He goes out  to meet them in a short bathrobe and what look like ugg slippers. Charlie introduces his friends to David. David asks Charlie why he is there so early. Charlie says that everyone in their town start the day early. But he agrees to show up an hour later next time. David is in the kitchen trying to work on his screen play, when in walks in Bic(Drew Powell) one of Charlie’s fiends. He helps himself to a beer and a piece of fruit. David wasn’t too happy with that so Amy tells him to let them know that he doesn’t wan that sort of thing going on. David goes outside and see that Charlie and his gang are getting ready to leave. Charlie tells David that they are going hunting and tells him that they should go together sometime.

As Charlie and company get in their truck to leave, David decides that he should also go into town. David catches up with Charlie’s truck on the road. Noticing David’s hurry, Norman waves David forward. David hits the gas only to suddenly notice that the road is blocked by several trucks. David skids and nearly hits the work crew. David sits there is shock while Charlie’s truck rolls by with all of them laughing.

While waiting for his car, David sees a couple of young girls walking down the street. One of them walks up to Niles. Janice(Willa Holland) walks tries to talk to Niles and pets his dog. Daniel sees them and hurries toward them. Daniel tells Janice that if Coach<her father> sees her talking to Niles they will get into big trouble. Janice walks away. Daniel reminds Niles that he not to talk to any girls. Niles says that Janice is his girlfriend. Daniel gets angry and says that he has to remember that he can’t and to remember what happened before. <The movie isn’t clear about what happened with Niles, but it is hinted that maybe he molested a young girl or did something inappropriate.> David just observes as the repairman tells him that his car is ready.

Next morning, Amy jogs on the road that leads to her house.  Behind her are Charlie and his gang in their truck. She can’t hear them because she has her headphones on. They creep behind her and all the men just stare at her ass. Finally Charlie tells Norm to honk. Amy jumps and moves out of the way. They get there sooner than she and they get to work. Amy finally arrives and they all stare at her longingly. She’s all sweaty with short shorts and a tank top with no bra. She walks inside and tells David that they practically licked her all over the way they were staring. David told her to wear a bra. Amy was pissed and asked what he meant by that. David that that they way she dressed sort of asked for it. She was about to walk away when she turned around and told David that she dressed that way for him. David told her that he already knew what she looked like naked so she reaped what she sowed.

Amy starts prepare for her bath. She opens the window and sits on the edge of the tub so the men see her naked. They all see her and Charlie looks on pissed off. She then gets up and shuts the window. David sees that the men are leaving early again so he goes outside to ask why. Charlie says that it too hot and that it’s a safety hazard. As he says that, he sees Amy and then walks away.

David wants to make a phone call and has no service. He goes into town to see if his phone works. He makes his phone call then walks into Blackies. He orders a  beer. Charlie and his people are there as well as the present high school Coach Stan Milkens(Anson Mount). Charlie introduces them. The coach invites him to church and a picnic. He says its tradition, David agrees to go.

The church parking lot is full of big pickup trucks and older model cars except for David’s cute little white Jaguar. The whole town is in church. David looks uncomfortable when the pastor starts to refer to the other team as unchristian and asks GOD to help the local team win. David decides to leave. Amy tries to stop him but she doesn’t. Everyone in the church sees him leave. David is sleeping in his car when Charlie wakes him up.  He tells David that it was a bit rude to just walk out like that. That next time, if he really doesn’t want to go somewhere, then he shouldn’t accept the invitation. Amy gets in the car and they drive to the picnic.

The picnic is a huge production. There is a live band and a flag football game going on. Amy and David find a table to sit at. Amy starts to talk to a former friend of hers. Abby(Kristen Shaw) is Normans wife and is heavily pregnant. David asks her how many month s to which he feigns anger and tells him that she’s not pregnant. David looks mortified, Abby then laughs and says that she was just kidding. Charlie and gang show up being loud and obnoxious. Charlie goes up to Abby, he kisses and rubs her belly. Norman then comes and tells Charlie to find another woman to knock up. They greet David and Amy then walk away. Janice sees Niles so she goes up to talk to him. Coach sees them talking and runs over to them. He begins to repeatedly hit Niles. Janice yells at her dad to stop, but he doesn’t listen. Nobody helps, everyone just looks on. Amy, finally fed up decides to step in. She tries to get the coach off of Niles. Then after it looks like the coach might hit Amy, Charlie steps in to break the fight up. Niles is bloody and on the floor. Daniel picks him up and takes him home. Amy is angry and runs to her car. David  follows her and asks her why she would get in the middle of that, when she knows that coach is a crazy drunk. She then looks at him and says that someone had to, meaning that David should have. David says that he wouldn’t do that because of his principles. They drive home both angry at each other.



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