Charity Contest

Congratulations to all the fans  who helped raise over $70,000~
Congratulations to Team Bill for the win in the Battle of the Fang! Sadly Team Eric did not win Huge thanks to admin and The Nest for the amazing contest!
Final Totals:
Team Eric  $34223
Team Bill   $35043
Here is an excerpt of the “Battle of the Fang” as on click for link:
Join us as we battle!  It’s the Viking Lovers against Bill’s Wick’d Women, in a Looziana Grudge Match charity throw down! We have some items coming up for the fund raiser that you’ll love but that’s not the best part…
Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård both agreed to wear a T-shirt designed by the winning actor and their team – and be photographed wearing it!
This charity fundraiser ran for the entire third season (June 13th – September 5th, 2010). Donate as much as you like…but for every $5.00 donation your name will be entered to win a prize. If you donate $20.00, it will be viewed as four donations for example, WHICH IS GOOD! The more you donate, the better your chances of winning.
All participants will be mentioned at the end of the event. The names of the donors and the participant Web sites will be sent to Alexander and Stephen once the game is over.
The team that raises more money wins – that simple. So the honored actor will decide what slogan the losing actor will have to wear out of a short list decided by you, the fans. The winning team will also decide what t-shirt slogan the winning vamp will wear in his pictures. Afterward the boys will send us photographs for our viewing pleasure. We have already heard some slogan ideas and believe us, they are both naughty and hilarious!
Whether Stephen or Alexander wins, each team will have a giveaway between all the tickets donations; and it will be a very special prize…
“What can you win???” you ask… How about the t-shirt off your vampires back?
That’s right. After the boys take their pictures in their t-shirt…they will sign and return it to us. The winning fan from each side will then have it shipped to them! (photos added)

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