Amnesty International Charity Auction

Alexander Skarsgard has decided to enlist the help of the SkarsgårdNews fansite and ask fans to celebrate his August 25 birthday (Wednesday!) by giving their money to a charity auction to support Amnesty International instead of buying him gifts. If you ever wanted to get the chance to own some of his personal items now is the chance!

Melanie Baker over at SkarsgårdNews told HollywoodcrushMTV  that Alexander would be donating nine of his own possessions to the action, including his own copy of the script for “Night on the Sun” (refresh your memories here). We’re wondering what kinds of notes he scrawled on the page where he found out Eric needed to stake Talbot while in the throes of passion. We should also note that all of his donated items are going to be autographed as well.

In addition, author Charlaine Harris is giving an autographed copy of her latest, “Dead in the Family,” and jewelry designer Janet Cadsawan is donating an exact replica of the bronze Viking-era ring that she made for Eric to wear in his flashbacks. Then there’s that painting of Alexander done by artist Angel Anderson in the above thumbnail that Alexander signed just for fun. We think it looks a little more like Jake Gyllenhaal than Alexander, but we really have no room to complain either way.

The auction started yesterday on SkarsgårdNews and will continue for the next two months, with new items being added as others are purchased. Melanie asked that we remind everyone that the site is still taking donations for the auction, and any help is appreciated.

The first item up for grabs is’s “A-List Package.” Inspired by Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” music video, it consists of four cameramen following you around and harassing you for 30 minutes, and then giving you your own tabloid cover and DVD of the pictures taken. SkarsgårdNews has the disclaimer that this does not come with your own bodyguard.

The company Celeb 4 A Day is offering for auction their “A list package” where the winner can be as the title says- A celebrity for a day. They will be 4 celebrity paparazzi following the winner to their destination (which can be a night club etc) for the complete description please click here. This item was inspired by the Lady GaGa Paparazzi music video which featured Alexander Skarsgard.

For the complete listing of items auctioned please click here:


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