True Blood Season 7 Casting Video Brigette


The video below shows a casting video for a new character “Brigette”. This character will portray a “hot microbiologist” on season 7. SPOILERS don’t peek unless you wan’t spoiling. (no news as to who will play this role yet)

From the dialogue it sounds like the “Chuck” person killed a vampire the night before. Also you can hear the name Willa. Willa states that she used to know Chuck (when she was still human).

TRUE BLOOD–BRIGETTE from Markie Adams on Vimeo.



HBO 2014 Spring Preview Video Trailer


HBO aired a new spring preview trailer before the premiere of Game of Thrones last night. There were snippets of new True Blood season 7 in the trailer. Don’t  blink or you will miss it. Of course they did not show any new scenes of Eric Northman! Hopefully next trailer will have Eric!

This scene was definitely filmed on location (saw this filming):



This was the photo I took on location. The cast was looking into the camera and the screen cap above is how it came out:


Here are the caps showing True Blood action:



Walking With the Wounded Dinner in Antartica Prince Harry and Alexander Skarsgard


NBC aired “Prince Harry’s South Pole Heroes” tonight. The documentary featured Prince Harry and his participation in the Walking with the Wounded South Pole expedition. It was great to see the US team also in the video.

AlexWWTW3 NBC posted the video below featuring Alex entertaining the US team in his tent (and Prince Harry joins in). Yes Alex is wearing that yarn beard!


Here is the video from NBC.


The Walking Dead Tokyo Prank

Prank Control Room 02


Delivers Ultimate Fan Experience

The Walking Dead Superfan and Vine ‘Zombie Prankster,’ Nick Santonastasso, Pulls Off the Ultimate Zombie Prank on The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus (Daryl) in Tokyo 

The unsuspecting actor, co-star Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Special Effects Guru/Executive Producer, Greg Nicotero are in Japan promoting the global return of

Season 4 on FOX, the show’s international broadcaster. Continue reading


Nerdist All Star Bowling Jimmy Fallon &Questlove vs. Neil Degrasse Tyson

We all know Neil deGrasse Tyson is a whiz in astrophysics, but how is he as a bowler?


And why are Jimmy Fallon and Questlove wearing ascots?


Can SOMEBODY explain why Seth Herzog is wearing velvet tighty-whiteys and leg warmers?


Get all the answers and see who wins this crazy and outrageous bowling competition on the brand new episode of All-Star Celebrity Bowling on theNerdist Channel!
Team Fallon:
Jimmy Fallon
Qwest Love
A.D. Miles (Head Writer)
Steve Higgins (Announcer)Team Nerdist:
Chris Hardwick
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Jonathan Coulton (singer songwriter)
Seth Herzog
The video goes live at 1:30 PST today!

Cut Copy Free Your Mind Trailer Featuring Alexander Skarsgard


A new video from Youtube featuring Alexander Skarsgard from Cut Copy. Alex is sporting long hair for the trailer for the music video.  This awesome tumblr has great gif’s from the music video that will be released on Thursday October 10, 2013. sikanapanele tumblr. Huge thanks to Eric Northman Fans for the photo!


Alternative Endings for The East

DSC_6494 (1)

The film “The East” will be out on dvd on September 17, 2013. Alternative endings for the film are available in the dvd extras. The film starred Alexander Skarsgard, Brit Marling and Ellen Page. video links below: Huge thanks to H for the heads up!! Also to WSJ for posting the videos. UPDATE:   The DVD is out TODAY!! It was great hearing the dj’s on my local radio station talking about the release of the film today! (especially loved hearing them say that Alexander Skarsgard starred in it!)  

Alternative Ending 1

Alternative Ending 2

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True Blood Season Six Finale Inside the Episode Video


True Blood season six is now done! This finale was definitely hyped up a lot. Between the tidbit Buckner let loose on how we would see more of Eric Northman than ever before and the huge spoilers posted yesterday on the finale fans’ heads were ready to explode! SPOILERS Below if you have not watched the finale. Continue reading


True Blood Inside the Episode Video for Life Matters


Lots of bloody action in tonight’s episode of True Blood. Episode 6.09 titled “Life Matters” featured a lot of action at Vamp Camp Truman. SPOILERS in the video below from HBO (if you have not seen the episode don’t peek!)

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True Blood New Promo Video for Season Six Finale


Only one more episode left for True Blood! Where did the season go? The promo video below was aired after tonight’s episode. Waiting always sucks but when the finale is over the waiting will really suck! Season 7 has been confirmed! VIDEO ADDED!!  Continue reading