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True Blood Season 4 Wait is Over Promo More Clues

The new season 4 promo for True Blood the “wait is almost over” has caused quite a stir for all the fans. The new video has kept us guessing even more just what will happen in season 4. I addressed some of the issues in the earlier post. Here are a few more. One of the big questions left at the end of season 3 was what will happen to Queen Sophie Anne? Bill is seen attacking the Queen. In a “matrix” style jumping through the air both vampires are shown mid air in the season 3 finale and then fade out!


Photo Credit: 2011 Spring trailer 4/25/11 Queen and Bill mid air battle! Season 3 finale

In the new video we see the Queen battling someone: (black blur on floor). Some fans are saying this may be a shifter due to the shape. I can see why they might believe it to be an animal since the image that is shown in the video right before the battle scene is of an animal. However-the background shown for that scene is not Bill’s home but the Hotshot shed. (note the tools in the tools in the background)


We see the Queen right after the image above:

Photo Credit: © 2011 Wait Screen cap

Ok no matter how many times I do the screen cap I don’t see that. Here are the images I have so far. Included some of the mid special effect ones (there seem to be two images shown)

When they are filming the “vampire super speed” scenes some of the action seems to disappear from the screen (and added back in editing). A few of the screen caps seem to show no one on the ground:


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO Wait screen cap-image shows QSA pushing attacker to ground

Of course I could be wrong. I’m not saying that it is only Bill that will attacking the Queen. He will probably have help. Don’t forget also that in the season 3 finale we did see this image below: (and we know that Maxine might be gunning for the redhead  Jessica in season 4 since she stole her baby boy Hoyt’s )


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO TBS3 finale. Maxine wielding an anti vampire shotgun.

We’ll have the answer of what happens in the season premiere!

One question I hope is answered soon is whether or not this screen cap from the Spring promo trailer is for True Blood or whether it is for another HBO show (looks like it could be for Boardwalk Empire). I think the first cap below might show a fire inside of the home of Hoyt and Jessica.


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO Spring promo trailer looks like a fire ahead for season 4 (if this is a True Blood scene)

There was a lamp on the floor of Hoyt’s home that looked a lot like the one in the Spring promo trailer above. The screen cap above might not be from their home but I have a bad feeling that there will be a lot of anti vampire sentiment and baby vamp Jessica may be in harms way. I really hope I’m wrong.


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO Season 3 finale (note lamp on foor near doorway) oh and yes this also shows the creepy doll.


Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO Season 3 finale Hoyt bringing Jessica to the house.

There were already some photos posted online showing a fire at the cottages that Sam owns (Terry and Arlene’s home and also Holly live in those). I believe that the Spring promo video screen cap below shows one of Sam’s cottages below: the roof line is very similar. (this fire looks like it was set from outside)


Yes Waiting SUCKS. Hopefully we will be teased again with new promos soon. I know they are filming in Los Angeles and the timing looks like it may show vampire action (no daylight filming). Love to hear from other fans on what they see in the images.

Alexander Skarsgard Adds Cast of Film “What Maisie Knew”


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson

The Hollywood Reporter just reported that Alexander Skarsgard has just joined the cast of the film “What Maisie Knew”. Loved their title “True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Sinks Teeth Into “What Maisie Knew” .  Alex joins Julianne Moore, and Steve Coogan in the film. an excerpt from the article:

an adaptation of the Henry James novel set in contemporary New York from co-directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel.


Billed as a comedy drama, the movie will be produced and bankrolled by banner Red Crown Prods.

U.S. buyers are being tempted during the Marche du Film by WME’s Graham Taylor and Mark Ankner and international sales by Fortissimo Films.

For the full article please visit The Hollywood Reporter. Can’t wait to get my magazine this week to see if this news is in there!


Charlaine Harris Interview: 5 Questions


Charlaine Harris’ eleventh book in the Sookie Stackhouse series “Dead Reckoning” is due out 5/3/11. Fans have been waiting and anticipating just what will they learn in the new book. Becca Martin posted the following interview regarding “Dead Reckoning” with Ms. Harris-Five Minutes Five Questions. The interview does contain spoilers so don’t look if you don’t want to be spoiled. (you know you want to click the link …LOL)

The big question for many fans is how will the series end for Sookie. Big debates/discussions (ok and almost all out wars between the different “teams/sides”) on just who if anyone will Sookie have her happily ever after. Ms. Harris has said that she has know

Huge thanks to Sookieverseblog for the find!

Dead Reckoning Cover Artwork Possible Clue

The eleventh installment to the Sookie Stackhouse novels is due out on 5/3/11. The cover artwork (shown above) is from Lisa Desimini who has done the art for all of the novels to date. Fans try to figure out any possible clues to the action in the book based on the cover art. It does not always coincide with the action (per Charlaine Harris) but it tends to give a bit of a glimpse in my opinion.

Something about the new book caught my eye and I finally figured out what was bothering me. This is the first book where Sookie appears alone. Usually there is a vampire also on the cover whether it is Bill Compton or Eric Northman. Yes even Quinn the were-tiger appears on a cover. In Dead in Dallas she is shown on top of a coffin (assuming Bill is in the coffin a bit of a nod to the Anubis flight they take together where Bill is in the coffin for his daytime sleep) This is the only cover where Sookie is alone and yes she is upside down. Perhaps her world is going to be turned upside down this book? I have a feeling that Sookie may be facing the reality of a life alone.

I can’t wait to see the new book!

Here is a link to the amazing artwork of the book covers by Lisa Desimini. She has all the prints on her site.


True Blood Season 4 Episode 4.09 Possible “Songs”

The music in True Blood has always been something as a fan I always have looked forward to every episode. I keep forgetting to post my “guesses” for possible songs that will be featured when I post the episode titles. I’ll start with the most recent episode title-Episode 4.09 is tentatively titled “Run”. There are several songs that have that as their title. Alan Ball spends a good amount of time researching songs on iTunes and really picks just the right one to set the mood for the episode.

I have a feeling that the song by Vampire Weekend may be the one chosen. here is the video with lyrics. It does seem to fit.

Another possibility might be this version “Run” by Gnarles Barkely. (but it seems to say Run Away but it is titled Run..)

We’ll find out when the episode finally airs! Waiting SUCKS!

Comic-Con 2011 Press Release-Eisner Hall of Fame Nominees

The Eisner Awards judges have selected four individuals to automatically be inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame this summer. These inductees are Ernie Bushmiller, cartoonist on the Nancynewspaper strip for nearly 50 years; Jack Jackson (Jaxon), pioneer underground cartoonist (co-founder of Ripoff Press) and graphic novelist (Commanche Moon); Marty Nodell, Golden Age artist best known as the co-creator of Green Lantern; and Lynd Ward, woodcut artist hailed as a pioneer of the graphic novel (God’s Man).

Past judges have selected two automatic inductees, but this year that number has been expanded to four. “The judges felt that some significant contributors to comics’ history were being consistently overlooked by the regular voters,” notes Jackie Estrada, the Eisner Awards Administrator. “Choosing only two creators to induct was proving too difficult this year. The solution they chose was to single out individuals from four aspects of the medium.”

The judges have also chosen 14 nominees from which voters will select 4 to be inducted in the Hall of Fame for 2011. These nominees are Bill BlackbeardChris ClaremontKim Deitch,Rudolph DirksMort DruckerJenette KahnGeorge McManusDennis O’Neil,Harvey PekarCliff SterrettRoy Thomas,Rodolphe TöpfferGeorge Tuska, and Marv Wolfman. See below for complete bios.

Online voting is now open


To vote, you must be a professional working in the comics or related industries, as a creator (writer, artist, cartoonist, colorist, letterer), a publisher an editor, a retailer (comics store owner or manager), a graphic novels librarian, or a comics historian/educator. Eligible voters can visit to register and then select up to four picks in the Hall of Fame category. The deadline for voting is March 25. Further eligibility information is provided on the Eisner Awards page.

For more information and for the full press release: Comic-Con 2011 :: Press Release.

Causes-Sharing Post on Autism

One of the reasons I started a fan site was to help out with charitable causes. Fans are amazing when it comes to helping out causes. One of my friends shared this post on Autism that a family friend wrote. I want to share this with fans here. It is not a True Blood news item or Alexander Skarsgard related but one that touched my heart. Hope this post helps bring new awareness to Autism.

Link to : 99

an excerpt from the entry:

My pal Jolene is getting me a cool new t-shirt. It says, “My kid has autism! What’s your excuse?”

Of course, neither of my daughters have autism. Jo and her husband Ken are not as fortunate, though it seems awkward to say that because neither have ever said or done anything to indicate that they consider themselves unfortunate. Whatever the case, I’m going to proudly wear that t-shirt in support of Jo and Ken’s efforts to increase autism awareness.

Their youngest son, Reese, is autistic. While I’ve become close to their family during the past year, I’m still just beginning to understand the challenges of raising an autistic child. I admire Jo and Ken for their ability to endure what must occasionally be – let’s be honest here – a difficult situation. I enjoy Reese. He’s usually happy-go-lucky. Friendly and talkative. He’s very into super heroes, and I think he’s happiest when he’s hanging out with his older brother, Chase.

Not long after I met Jo and Ken, I was hanging out in their garage playing their new “Buck Hunter” stand-up video game in the garage. Reese stood next to me, watching me do my worst. First, I shot a doe, a no-no in this game. Reese’s response: “you suck!”. Then I shot about 10 times at a buck and missed every time. “You suck!” I did a lot of shooting and a lot more missing. After each turn, more the same. “You suck!” “You suck!” “You suck!”

Evidently brutal honesty is one symptom of autistic behavior.

I wonder how many of my friends and family understand just how prevalent autism is? Or, how quickly the rate of diagnosis is increasing? Jo pointed me toward autismspeaks.orgfor some facts.

“Today, it is estimated that one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined. An estimated 1.5 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide are affected by autism. Government statistics suggest the prevalence rate of autism is increasing 10-17 percent annually. There is not established explanation for this increase, although improved diagnosis and environmental influences are two reasons often considered. Studies suggest boys are more likely than girls to develop autism and receive the diagnosis three to four times more frequently. Current estimates are that in the United States alone, one out of 70 boys is diagnosed with autism.”

One out of 70 boys. That kinda blows the mind.  read on:

For more information on autismspeaks please visit their site: A huge thanks to J for sharing this post with me.

Vote For Eric/Sookie in Eonline Top Couples 2011 Final Round


Eonline’s poll for “TV’s Top Couples” is in the final round. Please vote for Eric-Sookie in Game 2.2. They are up against Hodgkins-Angela from Bones. (another show that I love but I must vote for Eric-Sookie!) VOTE:

from the site:

TV’s Top Couples 2011 tournament continues with fresh matchups, including a Fox drama faceoff (House‘s Huddy vs. Bones‘ B&B) and some will-they-or-won’t-they pairings (Jeff and Annie from Community vs. Castle and Beckett from Castle). Did your fave make the cut? Will they prevail against their newest competition? Only your votes can decide:

TV’s Top Couples 2011: Round Four, Eight Couples

Game 2.2

Happy VOTING! Eric/Sookie made it to the final ROUND!

Save the Children Holiday Charity Drive

Photo Credit: © 2011

The deadline is fast approaching for fans who have knit baby caps as part of the Save the Children Holiday Charity Drive. All caps that have been made need to be received by by 2/1/11. Mail your completed hats to the following address:

P.O. Box 370876

Milwaukee, WI, 53237-1976

Here is a photo of the hats I mailed off for the charity drive: My son made the 2 blue ones in the center top section.

One lucky fan will have the chance to win the autographed photo of Alexander Skarsgard! Good luck!

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer Video

Photo Credit: Battle: Los Angeles

Jim Parrack’s upoming film “Battle: Los Angeles” has a new theatrical video trailer on yahoo. Link here: In addition to True Blood’s Jim Parrack, the film features Michelle Rodgriguez and Aaron Eckhart. The film is set to have a March 11, 2011 release in the US.

Director Jonathan Liebesman spoke with during ComicCon July 2010. Below is an excerpt from that interview:

We just chatted with the man behind what look to be the biggest, most ambitious attempt to depict alien warfare as urban combat here on Earth. Director Jonathan Liebesman is the mastermind behind Battle: Los Angeles. Find out what Liebesman told us about the gore factor in his film, and just how brutal his aliens will be, after the jump.

How gritty are the aliens?

They’re super gritty, they’re gory, they kill without remorse, they murder people on the street, they’re essentially like genocidal Nazis that invade and have zero remorse or compassion.

Are there different kinds of aliens?

Yes, the aliens are like a real army there are medics, generals, lieutenants.

Are there different species?

No they’re all from the same species.