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  1. Dana Hanson

    HELP!! I have a bet going with a friend over “Who is the ‘host’ walking through the train station in the interactive Season 3 Dig Deeper game. Is it Alexander Skarsgard? WE really need to settle this and cannot find anything in reference to this on the web.

  2. Simone

    Wheres Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watched a downloaded copy of scream awards (don’t live in the states) and he wasn’t in it. Neither was best fantasy movie, best supporting actress, best ensemble.
    DID THEY SKIP THEM???????????

    1. admin Post author

      They did not have them during the taping nor in the show that was aired. Joe was the only one present from True Blood so his was the only acceptance speech aired! Sorry! Thanks for voting for Alex!

      1. Sarah Anne Irish

        Can I have a fan club give to Alexander for me please do that for me Big super fans of a true blood if you do got message sending to you that all

  3. Brenda Sanders

    If anyone is going out looking for Alex….can you pass along a message to “AJ” from 1999 in San Antonio, TX- The Air Force girl from Michigan says HI! (Laclkland AFB, and Brooks AFB, and little black ranger truck!)….and give him my email? I’ll share a good story with you if you get that message to him!!!

  4. Patricia

    Hi Alex,

    you’re my favorite actor, especially as Eric Northman in True Blood! Can’t wait to see the fifth season in Germany! I loved the fourth season because you got the chance to show a new different side of your character but I prefer the cooler guy you’ve been before. Do you have any idea when the new season is coming out in Germany? I’m really excited about the content and I hope it will be as great as the other ones before. Wish you all the best for your future and many important roles.

    Love, Patricia

  5. Mandi

    Hi, Ive just became a huge fan of Alexander. I watched True blood for the first time, and I INSTANTLY fell head over heals for him. I never noticed Bill, I only seen Eric. hes an amazing actor. Just recently found out he was in Melencholia. Anyway, hope to meet some Skarsgard fans to become friends with. <3

  6. XJ

    You were recently quoted as saying “The whole Second Amendment discussion is ridiculous to me. Because that was written over 200 years ago, and it was a militia to have muskets to fight off Brits,” he said. “The Brits aren’t coming. It’s 2013. Things have changed. And for someone to mail-order an assault rifle is crazy to me. They don’t belong anywhere but the military to me. You don’t need that to protect your home or shoot deer, you know.”

    EVERY gun is sent to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), not mail ordered. And the militia is for the citizens to defend the people. Just another sh##brain f@-tard who thinks that he almost knows how to make an educated and fact based statement. Ur a jackoff.

    1. admin Post author

      You are entitled to your opinion just as Alexander is entitled to his on this. I edited the comment to clean up the profanities in your comment. If you comment please refrain from using profanity.

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  8. Marcia G

    Grattis på födelsedagen Alex! Du är inte bara en stor skådespelare men en stor person som bryr sig om andra. Det är trevligt att se en man som är jordnära och inte förgäves i alla fall jag kan se. Jag hoppas du har en underbar födelsedag och möta den perfekta kvinnan för att ta hand om dig på sätt som du förtjänar.

    Happy birthday Alex! You are not only a great actor but a great person who cares about others. It is nice to see a man that is down to earth and not vain in anyway I can see. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and meet the perfect woman to take care of you the way you deserve.

  9. Meg

    I am Devestated that this is the last season of True Blood!!!! I am 44, disabled (house bound the past 3 years) & Love the cast of True Blood! My husband & I have been happily married 23 years & have looked forward teasing each other about the georgous actors/actresses every season! I even have the I heart Eric shirt, watch, pen, other True Blood shirts & cups! I’ve watched my DVDs so many times each season has worn out disc. I can’t concentrate long enough to read because I can’t focus, hold the books & have migraines. I want you to know I loved Battleship & will continue to keep my eyes out for you & the other actors/actresses & Alan Ball. I saw Anna Paquin in Free Ride & look out for everyone else but it won’t be the same! Life will be even more boring!! Thank y’all ALL for giving people for the years of Wonder to look forward to! Y’all will be missed more than you’ll Ever know!

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