D-Dag / D-Dag Lise / Den færdige film

This was a great experiment. Seven Danish television channels were on the air at the same time, with four different movies, each made by one of the four directors. All four movies runs 70 minutes and was recorded from ca 11.05 31/12 1999 to 0.15 1/1 2000. This is a onetime movie because on 1/1/2000 you where supposed to edit your own version, from the four movies running simultaneous, plus a recording of the room in which the directors where sitting co-ordinating the whole thing. Each director had one main character, and one camera team that followed this person. The remote control was your cutting device, and no one saw the same movie that night. But the plot was the same for all: Four people has planned to rob a bank, and they shall use the noise from the new year celebration to hide the explosion. We follow them in the hour around the robbery.

Alexander played the role of Lise’s papson. His father Stellan played Lise’s mand.

The 4 directors were:
Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
Kristian Levring
Thomas Vinterberg
Lars von Trier

D-Dag Lise

Lise has some problems with her husband. She thinks he is unfaithful. He works in a bank and she thinks she can find proof in the bank. To find this she has to get into the bank, and she has allied herself with three guys that can do the hard work. Is it worth the effort?


Four people plan to rob a bank on new years eve, where no one will notice because of the celebration.

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