Alexander Skarsgard appears in the film “Battleship”. Filming took place from  August 2010. The movie is based on the board game by the same name and was directed by Peter Berg. It opened in the US on May 13 2012, and is now available on DVD.

The film revolves around an international fleet coming together to battle a water-bound armada of otherworldly origin.

Alexander played the role of Commander Stone Hopper,   Commanding Officer of the guided missile destroyer USS Sampson, and older brother of the main character, Alex, played by Taylor Kitsch.

The movie cost in excess of £209m to make, and  earned $302,836,260 at the international box-office.



Taylor Kitsch – Alex Hopper

Alexander Skarsgard – Stone Hopper

Brooklyn Decker – Sam

Rihanna – Cora Raikes

Liam Neeson – Admiral Shane

Tadanobu Asano – Yugi Nagata

Hamish Linklater – Cal Zapata



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