True Blood S4 Casting Call episode 4.02

True Blood season 4 casting call:

EPISODE 4.2 ‘You smell like dinner’

[CALLUM] British bartender seen in flashback to London in 1982. He bartends in a punk underground nightclub…UPDATE: 1/13/11: Role has been filled by Darren Darnborough

[MALE PROTESTOR #1] This male protestor, 5’8″ tall at most, pickets Fangtasia and starts a physical fight with a “fangbanger”…

[MALE PROTESTOR #2] Another male protestor picketing Fangtasia, he captures a confrontation on his smart phone…

UPDATE: 4/5/11: The video for this was shown at PaleyFest 3/6/11. The video was released by HBO on 4/5/11.

[LUTHER] An older, backwoods, inbred man at the compound, he is Timbo’s uncle…


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