Alexander Skarsgard Appearance on The Hoda Show on Sirius Xm

Alexander Skarsgard appears on The Hoda Show on Sirius Xm. He sat down with Hoda Kotb to discuss his role in The Little Drummer girl. He also discussed his upcoming role in the Godzilla vs. King Kong film. He dispelled rumors that he was playing the leader of a military unit:

“That’s not true. That’s a lie,” Alex said. “He’s not an alpha, bad-ass hero, which I thought was quite interesting. He is thrown into this very dangerous situation and is definitely not equipped for it and that makes it a bit more interesting in my opinion than had he been a bad-ass dude. He’s just a tiny, tiny human trying to survive between these two behemoths.”

awesome photos of his interview can be found on the Alexander Skarsgard Library tumblr

He also spoke of how he could not find a job in Hollywood after his role in Zealander. Also shared some of

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  1. lisa bell

    Alexander looks great the little drummer girl should be great alex is a real fine actor every part he takes he makes you believe he is that person its so perfect his acting ! I will be watching for sure ! thanks for the info take care !

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