Doctor Who Premiere Today

Photo Credit:Barbara Henderson Picture Stock

Doctor Who fans have been waiting for today for quite some time! Yes the new season of Doctor Who will be simulcast around the world today. The new Doctor is  Jodie Whittaker. She will officially step into the shoes of the famous Doctor from “Doctor Who,” the star of the 55-year-old British sci-fi series, on Sunday on BBC America .  She’s also making history as the first woman ever to take on the iconic role. We’ve rounded up some episodes of “Who,” plus an entry on Whittaker’s resume that will help you get ready for her big debut.

Photo Credit: B Henderson Picture Stock

Jodie and the cast were so happy at Comic Con in July and loved seeing all the amazing fans who were there to see them. I have been a fan of the show since I was young and will be tuning in today to see the new season!

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