‘Tis The Time For End Of Year Lists


It’s that time of year again when every man , woman and dog on the internet decides to give us their best and worst from the last 12 months of entertainment. And Alexander Skarsgard already features on a couple of the lists.

Firstly Eric Northman and Jason Stackhouse take 2nd place in Buzzfeed’s 29 Hottest TV Sex Scenes of 2014 for Jason’s dream of the Viking Vampire in True Blood 7.02. It wasn’t exactly the Stackhouse most of us had been hoping would get down and dirty with Eric in the show’s final season, but it certainly was one of the highlights from Bon Temps this year.

From BuzzFeed

What made it hot: OK, sure, this extremely hot scene was all part of a fever dream Jason had, but aren’t sex dreams kinda the best anyway? Plus to see Jason taking charge of Eric… I die. I’m dead now. A vampire, actually. So… maybe I can also have these fever dreams, please?!


And secondly……….

Alexander / Eric Northman is featured in Buddy TV 100 Sexiest Men 2014. Obviously here at Skarsgard Fans we all believe our man should sit proudly in the number one spot every year, but alas it was not to be, so is he in 2nd or 3rd place then? No? Surely has to be top 10? Eh……..he’s at 39…………thirty freaking nine!!!!!!!!


I don’t even care who is at 38 to 1, because this list is so wrong I’m not even going to link it.


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