True Blood Final Season & Complete Box Set DVD Release


Season 7 of True Blood is released on DVD and Blu-ray in the US tomorrow (and in the UK today). Now fans of the Viking Vampire can take home and keep forever his final moments on the show. Also released is the entire 7 seasons box-set collection, for those who have been waiting until the end to look back over the lives and loves of the residents of Bon Temps.


The special features on the season 7 DVD box-set include A Farewell to Bon Temps, plus audio commentaries by members of the cast along with some of the show’s writers. (Unfortunately no commentary from Alexander Skarsgard).

The Season 7 Blue-ray also includes “True Death – the final days on set” (Witness the final days of the show through the eyes of the cast members as they document the experiences of their last days on set).


The complete 7 Seasons Blu-ray box-set includes:

  • 41 Audio commentaries with cast and crew
  • Inside the Episodes
  • True Blood Autopsy: Anatomy of an Episode
  • In Focus: Vampires in America: A “documentary”
  • Tru Blood Beverage Ads
  • Tru Blood Service Ads
  • Public Service Announcements: Pro and anti vampire rights
  • Snoop Dogg “Oh Sookie” video
  • Fellowship of the Sun: Reflections of Light
  • True Blood Final Touches with Alan Ball
  • A Farewell to Bon Temps Retrospective Show
  • Enhanced Viewing Mode for Seasons 2-5
  • Animated Maps and On-screen Guides
  • Vampire Histories and Character Perspectives
  • Flashbacks/Flash Forwards
  • True Blood Lines
  • Vamp Camp Files
  • Pro/Anti – Vampire Feeds
  • True Death: The Final Days on Set
  • On 33 Discs


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