True Blood Stars at Comikaze 2014

2 vampires and a fang-banger from True Blood got together yesterday at Stan Lee’s Comikaze event in California. Kristin Bauer van Straten, Tara Buck and Stephen Moyer answered questions submitted by fans and talked about how it feels now the show is over.

When asked the possibility of  a True Blood movie, Stephen said that Alan Ball had been excited about the possibility “once upon a time”, the actors would love to work together again, but there doesn’t seem to have been any further developments, so unfortunately it looks like truebies probably shouldn’t hold their breath.

Tara Buck confirmed that Season 7 is her favorite “for obvious reasons”………..


Kristin’s favorites were Pam’s rotting face story-line in Season 4 and playing vulnerable Pam in Season 7.

A True Blood musical could be a future possibility (or at least composer Nathan Barr has written some material for one).


Thanks to the fans from AllStephenMoyer who attended the panel and recorded the video footage below. And yes, there are a few tears from Kristin.

It’s great to see Kristin, Tara and Stephen together again, but also a little sad, as it slowly starts to dawn on us that Eric Northman and the other Bon Temps regulars won’t be coming back next year.

Photo credits : Kristin Bauer van Straten & Nerdific

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