Nerdist Industries Premieres NERDIST PRESENTS: Superhero Talent Agents Today!

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Hulk, baby, we’re gonna make you a star!

Nerdist Presents is coming in hot with its latest sketch, Superhero Talent Agents. Cameras head inside the high-rise, high-powered offices of the Superhero Talent Agency (STA) for a look at what it’s really like to represent the world’s greatest superheroes. With cameos from an over-the-hill Golden Age Flash and an agitated Deadpool, David Neher (Community, New Girl) and Madeline Walter (CollegeHumor Originals) are exactly what you would hope for in a Super-Agent as they go to bat for their heavy-hitting clients while always looking out for numero uno…themselves.

Check out the one-off sketches, videos, and parodies from Nerdist Presents bi-weekly on Wednesdays, taking on everything from Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and more – only on! The new video can be found at this link: Superhero Talent Agents.

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