Alexander Skarsgard Music Video “Birdsong” for Dawit Isaak


Alexander Skarsgard appears in the music video below created to help support the cause to release Dawit Isaak from an Eritrean jail. Dawit is a journals and a Swedish citizen who has been imprisoned since 2001. (information below is from wiki/tumblr)

Isaak fled Eritrea during the civil war and settled in Sweden. When Eritrea gained independence, Isaak returned to his native country, got married and had children. He began work as a reporter for the country’s first independent newspaper, Setit. Eventually he became a part-owner of the newspaper, which was often critical of Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki.

On September 23, 2001, Isaak was arrested in his home in Asmara, Eritrea. Concurrently, ten other independent journalists and eleven prominent reformist politicians of the so-called G-15 were arrested, ostensibly for demanding democratic reforms in a series of letters to president Isayas Afeworki. The independent press, including the Setit newspaper, had covered the confrontation between the president and the reformers.

Isaak has been held in Eritrean prison since 2001 without trial.  The music video “Fågelsång” (Birdsong) is a project to give world-wide attention to Isaak’s plight.  Initiated and directed by Rafael Edholm, it features music and lyrics by Moh Denebi, Daniel Boyacioglu and Sebbe Stakset.

(Alex appears at the 3:05 mark). Huge thanks to Santress for the heads up and to I’m here for Sookie for the music lyrics. My screen caps are below.

Free Dawit wish with all our hearts to thank all participants in the music video “Birdsong”


What I see in the moonlight
What I see with eyes closed
My word, they hear

Do you see the same moon
Do you have windows where you sit
You hear birds chirping

Then hear it
If you can not see
The birds they speak:
says: You’re missing!

It is time
But inside
I share your hunger
It is for you we sing

What I hear in the wind
The e a song of gentle dreams
The e a song seams

If we share the dream
Then a walk, one can sit
And the birds will chirp

Then hear it
If you can not see
The birds they speak:
says: You’re missing!

It is time
But inside
I share your hunger
It is for you we sing

If one gets silenced, we must talk
Our nightmare somebody else’s living
It too low, well below our radar
But when the wind blows hard it will weep

And in the wind a whisper, it reaches me, pointing out a direction, the straight line, above the trees.
It is very true, I think it will be for real If you can imagine it then you are not.

We need to dream big for your face e narrow
They’re trying to captivate a birdsong But everyone knows they’re lying
Tests your vote for the good enough
And brother! See how beautiful it sounds
They’re trying to imprison a bird song
but can they imprison all the birds at once?
So we sing now

Sebbe Staxx Rap:
4745 line on the wall
Blood splatter of life of water sprayed on the text
Brother remember time thoughtfully awful jails
No calls home to the Swedish family
The bird flies until it finds country
Flames smoke from a diesel fire
Over night black clouds flying bird until
The flitting around among the coal dust



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