Walking With the Wounded South Pole 2013 Success!


Expedition HQ received a phone call at 13:25GMT to confirm that the Virgin Money UK ‪#‎SouthPole2013‬ teams arrived at the South Pole at 12:48 GMT, Fri 13 Dec – a day considered unlucky for some, but a monumental day for all the team members involved: Team Noom Coach, Team Glenfiddich and Team Soldier On – Helping our Wounded Warriors Soldier On / Sans Limites


Send your CONGRATULATIONS and continue to show your support by MAKING A DONATION to help fund the re-training and re-education of our wounded servicemen and women:http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving/southpole2013/

Prince Harry and Ivan in the photo below:

WWTWPrinceHarryIvanAnother happy image of the united team at the South Pole:


Close up of the united photo (Alex is directly behind the South Pole globe)

WWTWteams 2

You can hear Alexander Skarsgard on this audio post- last one before reaching the South Pole! Loved hearing his voice!! Says hi to his family back in Stockholm, love you and miss you!
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From the WWTW site- Prince Harry’s words:

After four weeks and 200km, the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge teams arrived at the South Pole at 12:48pm GMT on Friday 13 December – a day considered unlucky for some, but a monumental day for all the team members involved.

“We’re here I am about 10 meters away from the Pole. Everyone is sort of scattered now, we’ve been here for about 20 minutes maybe half an hour. It’s an amazing feeling, it really is.

Every single one of these twelve deserves it. I mean they have dug out blind to get here, Duncan you know, it’s just remarkable the fact that someone with no legs has made it here, and to have done it in record breaking time, no doubt.

And Ivan as well, when I look across I see him being guided around you know, totally blind, from America, and absolutely hates the cold, and you know he’s not doing it for himself, he’s doing it for his buddies back home, and that goes for everybody, every single one here.

All 12 of them have different reasons for being here and I don’t think it’s necessarily something that for all of them that it will, either tonight or tomorrow or when they get back home, but what an amazing journey for every single one of them and this charity really does do amazing things. It’s not just for the small minority that are here but hopefully in time to come through the documentary, and all the stories back home. It will just prove to everybody that there’s so much that can be made possible when you think that nothing is left.

But I’m so proud, I’m so chuffed and I’m so privileged to be here with all these guys and girls, and well done to Ed and Dags and everyone who’s organised this, what an amazing accomplishment. I think we’ll be having a few whiskies tonight and then everyone’s looking forward to getting home.

Mission success.”

– Prince Harry, Expedition Patron

Here is an audio from Ed Parker audio blog stating their arrival and that they are all safe:


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  1. Theresa Brandt

    Congratulations to all of the participants in the Walking with the Wounded South Pole adventure. Your efforts on behalf of wounded soldiers everywhere is very much appreciated. I am so glad that you all made it to the South Pole safely and with all groups in tact.

    Travel safely as you make your way back home and Merry Christmas to all of you.

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