True Blood Season 7 Casting Call Eric Related


A casting call related to True Blood season 7 was tweeted recently. Yes looks like Eric does live on and they are casting a new love interest for him. So what do you think of this fans?

Sure seems that they have set things in motion for it to be Sookie and Bill in the end game for the series. I would love to eat my words mine you. Eric fans have been used to nothing but decimation of his character since season one. We had glimpses of what might have been in season 4 when we saw another side to his character. No matter what Eric Northman will always be why I loved True Blood (and of course the way Alex brought his character to life).

7 thoughts on “True Blood Season 7 Casting Call Eric Related

    1. s00k1e

      I’m just glad Eric’s Alive! I hope Sookie and Bill get back together, that was what was so fun about the show is Eric f’n with Bill and especially making Sookie all Like Doh! I did not like the season finale of season 6 though.. I hope to God that was some kind of dream sequence. Sam sold Merlotte’s then we had the virus zombies coming to get them all in the end. I can’t wait to finish reading the books also. But I’m a HUGE fan And i will watch it until the end. Great Job Alan Ball! I’ve been rewatching 6 ft under .. Now that show was Awesome as well!!!

  1. Shelli

    I doubt Sookie ends up with Billy,because I read your newest post and I heard Eric`s luv interest will be a temporarily character. Probably she will be in a flashback.

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