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True Blood season six is now done! This finale was definitely hyped up a lot. Between the tidbit Buckner let loose on how we would see more of Eric Northman than ever before and the huge spoilers posted yesterday on the finale fans’ heads were ready to explode! SPOILERS Below if you have not watched the finale.

HBO Go had the Inside the Episode video for the finale live even before the finale aired. It is still there so go check it out. This finale I believe at least based on the twitter feed and Facebook posts and also Tumblr was by far one of the least liked.

I will not be doing any screen caps from the finale. I refuse to dishonor Alex and how his character was handled in this episode. Way to go Buckner! Tease Eric fans that they will get a full nudity scene only to have it end very very badly. Just awful. I am happy for Alex as long as he is happy . Of course they might make fans think that he is safe under the snow but listen to the Inside the Episode video where they say he did burn. Good luck with season 7!

Here’s the video:

Here is the Youtube version:

9 thoughts on “True Blood Season Six Finale Inside the Episode Video

  1. Brenda Liz

    I can’t believe that; Eric was an extraordinary character and the way that he was treated in this chapter was unacceptable. Alexander is a great actor and he deserves to continue in this story. So dissapointed with this season finale.

  2. eriklover

    I’ve been crying since the end of epi 9…… Eric was so sad.. Now, KILLED him.. & they’ve killed the show also. True Blood is DEAD TO ME.

    1. admin Post author

      So sorry you are so upset but I know it has been a tough one to watch for fans. I have a feeling that they will keep us wondering if he is really gone. We don’t see him go to ash or go to goo. He might have been able to dig under the snow and stay till night. I hate how they use his character to keep fans watching the show.

  3. Cheri

    I am SO infinitely tired of being yanked around by TB. A Storytelling “device” is so far beneath what both Alex and Eric deserve…and a “cliffhanger” that has no purpose whatsoever in serving the ongoing storyline is just a stake to the heart of everyone who loves this show. Last year we saw Bill die and be reborn as “Billith”…and now we will have to wait close to a YEAR in order to find out what happened to Eric??? Did the flames melt him into the snow and then he was able to dig under and wait for night? Did Pam arrive just as he was burning…only to be burning herself…? Was this someone’s vision, dream or nightmare? Do they honestly believe that Eric’s fans will be happy to have a full view of him in all his glory, WHILE he is burning? There is something inherently wrong in what they think will make us “happy”. I am SO tired of hearing the showrunners, writers and directors talking about how Eric has no feelings, no compassion, no love…perhaps they should watch once again when he loses Nora…or when he lost Godric…and if he didn’t care for anyone but himself…why would he even go back to the Vamp Camp AT ALL? If he is only in it for himself…would he have even cared if they all met the sun? To add insult to injury…we then see a Twilight Zone version of Bon Temps…in which Sam is Mayor..? Sookie is with Alcide? Merlottes is now Bellefleurs? (and yeah, I get it that Arlene is a rich widow and it is meant as a tribute to Terry). And here is the most surreal part of all, given what we saw happen to Eric…it is now Six Months later and Tara and Willa are all dressed up and look pleased as punch…with no mention of what has happened to their makers? Is this meant to suggest that Eric and Pam are fine and have survived..? Or is the whole second half of the show ALSO someone’s (twisted, demented, unbelievable) vision, dream or nightmare? I guess the hardest part of all of it, for me, is that I was ready to stop watching forever after Season 4… then there were some things in Season 5 to give me hope that the show I loved was not gone forever…and then, this year…I actually started to care again about the show and the characters I love…only to be blindsided by the finale in a way I can only describe as *heartbreaking*. As they say, you cannot “unring” a bell…just as I can’t seem to purge the sight of Eric burning, all alone, on a snow covered mountain…and I am sad to say that the bitter taste of this finale will linger on…leaving an ominous dark cloud hanging over my once beloved and favorite show. Cue the blood tears…because I definitely feel as though I have been Staked. 🙁

    1. Laura

      My sentiments echo yours exactly. The last two seasons have been dreadful save Eric’s storyline. I honestly think that the show has lost complete touch with it’s fanbase since Alan Ball left. The first episode of this season had me thinking, “Who ARE these people?” because the actors were all acting so uncharacteristically. I’d gotten to the point where I was even tired of Sookie and Bill to the point that THEY could have been killed. Sookie has seemingly gotten as stupid as her brother, it seems. I’m pretty sure Alex will be back next season, but the fans won’t forget, so it’d better be the best season in the history of television after what they’ve done!

  4. Rebecca

    I have seen the finale and yes it is nasty, but I’m sure he will return next season… they have to know that it would kill the ratings if they took him out of the show. I’m optimistic that Eric will still be around for a while 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Im sick of waiting for the writers to put eric and sookie together.we have waited 2 seasons now for the real eric not amnesia eric and sookie to be given a chance and it looks like their going to force bill and sookie together again. I think Im going to puke!

    1. admin Post author

      I feel your pain. This is how I feel as well. Really tired of waiting for what seems to be something that will never happen at this point. Also tired of how Bill is always ‘redeemed’ no matter what he does on the show. ugh.

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