True Blood Season Six Finale Tomorrow- Plus Eric Northman Teaser


True Blood will air the season finale tomorrow. The season flies by all too quickly. True Blood HBO Tweeted the image above teasing fans that we will see more of Eric Northman than ever in the season finale.

Yes the whole marketing of Eric Northman to fans is a sure way to get a lot of buzz for the show. Much of this season has been spent with the “Eric will die”/now he flew away and that means he’s not coming back” worries from some fans. Sorry I kinda resent how they are flaunting the possibility of seeing Eric Northman’s gracious plenty to fans. Sure Alex is super cool with nudity so it’s not anything he’s not uncomfortable with at all.

The finale probably will not have a lot of Eric Northman but I hope I’m wrong. Pretty sure they are just setting up the “dream sequence” scene that Jason will have with Eric (now that he’s had Eric’s blood he will probably have a nice sexy dream with him)

Heck they even set it up in episode 6.09. Before Eric gives Jason his blood to heal he tells him “and when you dream of me..dream nice things”.

So what do you want to see in the finale? I am gearing up to yet another scene where Bill is once again the hero and saves Sookie. Pretty sure the Faebusters arrive in time to save Sookie from Warlow turning her. Benlow/Warlow has a very dark side we have yet to see and I’m pretty sure we see it in the finale. I just don’t know how Andy ever forgives Bill for luring his daughters and setting up the eventual death of 3 of them.  Yet we do see Andy, Adelyn, Bill, Jason and Violet all working together to save Sookie. (sometimes I just don’t get the writers on the show)


I hope I am wrong. I really don’t care if Eric does have full nudity. He is sexy enough fully clothed.

As long as the ‘seeing more of Eric Northman’ does not mean we see his insides I’m cool. I truly doubt they would kill off his character. Alex loves working on the show. HUGE SPOILER possibility posted on imdb from someone who has seen the finale. Really hope they are wrong but if not HBO should be prepared for season 7 ratings to plummet. That is all I’ll say. The finale is tomorrow so all answers will be answered but knowing HBO fans will be left wondering what just happened. 

Warning—stay away from tumblr and imdb if you DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED. A poster there is saying they saw the finale. Needless to say it is pretty wild stuff. Here is a cap of an item that I just can’t wrap my head around (along with a few other crazy things that are allegedly happening)


I am done with understanding ANYTHING any longer. If what the poster has written is true. (no matter what they have been setting up the end game to be Sookie and Bill)

The HBO tweet is below:

2 thoughts on “True Blood Season Six Finale Tomorrow- Plus Eric Northman Teaser

  1. eriklover

    I am so depressed esp. after seeing epi 9.. Eric looking so sad// I don’t know what I’ll do if he leaves,,,,I guess I have to hook up with real good fanfic because I love Eric more than anything or anyone in this world. I can’y see being without him. He brought me back to life when I met him 5 years ago. It was love at first sight. I know there must be others like me. I’ve always been able to seperate Eric from Alex. A;exander is sweet & handsome & talented but hr isn’t Eric. I guess i got too involved/ I may need heavy therapy.

    1. admin Post author

      I am hoping that the spoilers that have been leaked are wrong. Sadly I do think that they might be true and that really saddens me. Yes I really hope that the finale will be one enjoyed by all the fans and that somehow it is just a big mistake! Hand in there!! We will all recover together!

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