True Blood Season 6 Finale Teaser from EW



Entertainment Weekly digital magazine featured True Blood’s Anna Paquin in their “Sound Bytes” section. The image is shown above. When you click on her image the sound byte is “F….in eternity? Couldn’t you just ask me to go to the movies with you next week?”

They also featured the teaser below concerning the True Blood season 6 finale. Part of their “What to Watch” feature.



Item number 5 is of great interest for Eric fans from Brian Buckner:  Eric has one “sexy and provacative” scene. “Theres definitely something for the ladies and the gay men, ” Buckner says. “We might see a certain body part.”


Buckner definitely knows what to say and how to say it to keep fans wanting more!  Honestly Alex is very comfortable being naked. Just wish they would not make it like fans only want to see him naked. Waiting sucks! Even more now that they teased a little bit about the season finale. (my guess is that maybe Ginger finally gets to take Eric up on his promise that they would have a night together…LOL )

Sounds like the upcoming episode 6.09 will be pretty bloody!  The promos show a lot of potential for a lot of bloodshed (also sounds like our vamps will finally be out of Vamp Camp YAY)

Huge thanks to B from ESL for the heads up on the article.


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