Sookie Stackhouse’s Final Chapter EW Article


The upcoming Entertainment Weekly magazine has an article covering the final Sookie Stackhouse book and an interview with Charlaine Harris. Scans are below.

Yes the stake is through the Sookie Stackhouse series. The final book is due out May 7, 2013. Big spoilers are already out there since the book has been found for sale by fans and yes they read it and did share the outcome with fans. I will share my review of the book after I’ve read and re-read the book.


This page of the scans was interesting to me as a fan how they described some of the books. Somehow when I read Deadlocked I completely missed the ‘real’ meaning. It did seem that the writer of the article was given these summaries for the books for a specific reason.

Charlaine also said she wrote the CODA “After Dead” so that she would not have to be answering questions from readers for the rest of her life. Now fans will have the CODA to read to answer their questions. (sorry but that is just a way to sell more books and not answer all the questions in the final book in my opinion). Oh my! So yes fans Charlaine has put her final mark on the series and yes the end is almost here.

An excerpt for the final book is on this link: Dead Ever After

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      Same here! I don’t recall ever seeing it in the book. I believe the writer of the article was just given the book summaries a certain way in order. Definitely seems like they are back tracking a bit. But I know I haven’t seen it in Deadlocked. She had always kept Sam in the friend zone. Thanks for the comment! I share your frustration!

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