True Blood Season 6 Waiting Sucks Trailer: Jason


FINALLY a new season 6 trailer for True Blood. This one features Jason Stackhouse! Also shown are Nora and Sookie Stackhouse! SPOILERS!!

(and yes Eric was there we can barely see him on the video but yes he’s there)





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7 thoughts on “True Blood Season 6 Waiting Sucks Trailer: Jason

  1. Nymerias

    I love it when Sookie said “If you put a bullet through Eric’s sister’s heart, you’ll have to get it through mine first”

    This is how Sookie was in Season 1 but it also shows that she just might start caring about what happens to someone Eric cares about. I hope that it will soon be that way about Pam for her.

      1. Nymerias

        Yes it was more about Eric than anything, either that or she just did not remember her name. I cannot remember Eric introducing them officially that is! 😉

  2. Logic

    I loved that part too! I also noticed Eric standing in the background, I guess after everything thats happened, he trusts Sookie to take care of her brother, b/c the old Eric would have been up on Jason quick smart..

  3. arrr

    Ok sookie needs to understand the concept of “eric’s sister”.Otherwise she won’t
    do this …
    I mean she holds some misunderstanding with the word…
    I’m afraid eric will never tell her bc of how she behaved with Lorena …
    If that’s the case eric could use it to his advantage ..

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