True Blood Season Six Costume Teaser Photos

Audrey Fisher teased True Blood fans on twitter yesterday with a photo below:



She has also been tweeting photos showing fans the “tie” selection for this season: (who do you think will be wearing these ‘lovely’ ties??)


Love how she also does a bit of tongue in cheek for the costuming on the weres:


Love Audrey Fisher and how she is able to ‘dress’ the cast in amazing costumes. Especially love how she wardrobes Pam and Eric. (loved seeing how Alex looked in the Hugo Boss suit when I saw the rehearsals last month): DSC_0241

Sookie Stackhouse will be sporting the bag from Copperpeace link here (but I do think Sookie would have never been able to buy a bag that is that much money! Maybe after a lot of great tips waitressing perhaps??) It will be fun to see just how these teaser photos will look in the new season. Waiting sucks!! Hopefully we will have a new promo for the new season on Sunday during the Game of Thrones new season premiere.


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      Thanks you’re very welcome!! Yes I hope we get SOMETHING new for True Blood season 6 during the GoT premiere!! Seems like they are taking forever this season!!

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