True Blood Season Six First Look at Rutger Hauer On Set Images


Shock till you drop posted new photos of Rutger Hauer on set filming for True Blood’s sixth season. Rutger Hauer was listed as the new character of “Macklyn” but then also it was reported that he would be “Niall” on the show. Based on his look above it could be that he would play Sookie’s fairy relative “Niall”.  photo credit: Cousart-Rayne/JFXimages/

The photos on their site also include Ryan Kwanten dressed as his character “Jason Stackhouse”. It might make sense for Jason and Sookie to seek advice on how to deal with “Warlow” from their powerful relative “Niall”. Waiting sucks but at least little tidbits like the photos help make the wait less painful!!

Visit Shocktillyoudrop for the rest of the photos:  also has photos of Rutger Hauer with a pipe and more images of Ryan (with a shot gun).  They are saying he is “Macklyn”.

UPDATE: Filming yesterday was also at a local college. One of the students spotted Deborah Woll dressed as Jessica walking into on of the classrooms that was converted to a True Blood set: photo instagram link here

UPDATE #2:  New photos also of Anna Paquin and Rob Kazinsky on set are here:


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