True Blood Season 6 Casting Call Another New Vampire

Spoiler TV posted the following casting call for True Blood season 6:

A sexy, dangerous vampire named Violet will be part of a love triangle in seasons 6 & 7. (Looks like she’ll be the 3rd side of the love triangle involving Jason and the other new vampire, Wes; unless of course there’s gonna be more than one triangle, or the triangle turns into a square or something.)

Source: SpoilerTV

Another love triangle on the show?? Did they not learn from the other ones? Oh well. Waiting sucks. I’ll post the expanded casting call once I get it. To see all the casting calls to date for season 6 of True Blood please visit this page:

UPDATE:  More information from Michael Ausiello regarding the character of Violet:

Question: I long for hot weather when vampires and werewolves take their clothes off! Any True Blood scoop? —Jenilee
Ausiello: Yep — I can tell you with whom those vampires and werewolves will be stripping down! She’s Violet, a hot-as-hell, tough-as-nails blood-sucker in, give or take, her 600s (though she’ll look about 25). Not only do I hear that she’ll be mixed up in a major love triangle, the role will go from recurring this season to series regular the next. Got casting tips? Hit the comments!


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