True Blood Season 6 Expanded Casting Call Episode 6.05

Here is the expanded casting call for episode 6.05 plus additional information on the earlier casting calls for True Blood season 6. (for episode 6.06)

3/6/13 Episode 6.1, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”[MS. SUZUKI] Female, 40s, Japanese-American, successful, smart, savvy, a tough negotiator, Ms. Suzuki is a businesswoman who makes a deal with Governor Burrell (Arliss Howard), during which the balance of power continually shifts between them…ONE DAY GUEST STAR

THIS ROLE BEGINS IN EPISODE 506. — Strong recurring (series regular next season; role begins Episode 506)

[WES] Male, Mid to late 20s. Sexy, spiritually and emotionally deeper than any other vampires we’ve seen. Think cross between Jim Morrison and Gary Clark, Jr. with even more of a poet’s edge and an extremely well-toned body. He was made vampire in the 1970s. Wes is smart, compassionate, a good listener, a protector type and he can play the guitar. Face it, he is every woman’s dream but he doesn’t know it. He will be a part of a love triangle with Jason and another vampire. . Actor must be willing to show full rear nudity. Open to Caucasian and all ethnicities.


Episode 6.5, “F*ck the Pain Away”

Writer: Angela Robinson

Director: Michael Ruscio

Start Date: Approx. 3/13/13

[FINN] Male, 50, this male psychiatrist who speaks in a calm, even tone provides therapy to prisoners. He’s interested in learning what makes them tick…RECURRING GUEST STAR

[JUSTIN] Male, mid – late 30s. An old Marine Corps buddy of Terry’s, he demands to know why Terry recently got in touch. Justin is surprised by an unusual request…GUEST STAR

[JENNY] A werewolf hooker (and not the classy kind), she bluntly lays down the ground rules to a prospective client…TWO EPISODES – ROLE REQUIRES NUDITY – GUEST STAR\

[SMARMY GUARD] A lascivious, smug, and smarmy prison guard, he makes life miserable for one of the newest “white collar” prisoners…RECURRING

[BIG DUDE] A customer at a low-rent truck stop bar, he doesn’t appreciate Alcide sniffing around…CO-STAR

[CAMP GUARD #1 AND #2] These guards treat their prisoners like dirt…POSSIBLE RECURRING

[SOMCHAI] A drop-dead gorgeous Thai woman who speaks English passably well, she’s used as an incentive for vampires to engage in therapy…CO-STAR


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