True Blood Season Six On Location Images Eric Northman


True Blood is busy filming season 6 and I was able to watch some of the rehearsals and filming last night. It is not often that they are close enough to where I live for me to be able to see this so I just had to head over! It always pays to be nice to the neighbors in the are. When I was at this location last week I chatted with one of the neighbors who is also a big True Blood fan and they mentioned that they might be back this week and yes there were!


Alexander Skarsgard was on set filming for his role of Eric Northman It was great to see him in action as Eric.

Alex was also very kind and took photos with fans that had been there to watch and he also signed some autographs. It was great to see just how amazing he is with his fans.

I’m pretty sure he was tired and would have loved to just gone straight home but he took the time to come over and take many photos with the fans.


He even re-took a photo with a fan whose photo was blurry. Alex was “of course it’s blurry take another one”. (the fan above is a big fan of his and was so happy to finally meet him and have her photo taken with him!)

It will be interesting to see this episode in season six. I believe it was rehearsal and filming for episode 6.02. Once again I was amazed at how many people work behind the scenes to film and create the episode for fans. Some more photos of the crew:


Sorry that some of the images are blurry. We were very far from the rehearsals and it was very dark causing lots of ‘noise’ for my camera. I’m uploading the images to a new gallery. I’ll update this post soon! Enjoy. Waiting sucks but it will be worth the wait!!

UPDATE:  First batch of photos are up on the gallery on this page:

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  3. kath

    Hi!Cool you got lucky ,alexander that close!
    CaN I ask you something?
    That scene was one? Right? Or it was everything 2 different scenes?I mean eric lurking that “swat scene”

      1. kath

        thanks! 🙂 I was hoping to be related to sookie .But of course is related the governator sl with bilith.I hope there is some reunion between s/e .love ur web always with real behind the scenes stuff.Which for me is the best scoop ever so we could see what it will look the season.I by that I MEAN ALEX!Yummyy

  4. nymerias

    Barbara this is awesome stuff and so glad you got to take a picture with him again. I am used to seeing you dressed up though when you see him. I love how he looks in the suit, of course I love him in anything he wears. All this stuff looks really interesting and we shall see what happens. I love the ones of him under the tree!

  5. Marlene Emmett

    YOU are so damn lucky to have been next to Alexander.
    Lucky lady,have you ever told him about some of his most loyal fans
    the ones who started “SkarsgardFans” on the old HBO boards?
    Wonder what he’d say?

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much!! It was a long day but worth every second!! I had to delete a bunch of photos due to quality issues (way too dark and far away) ugh! It was amazing to see all the work they do behind the scenes! Wow so many people. yes cool to see Alex getting into his “Eric Northman” zone!

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    1. admin Post author

      I have some more photos from that rehearsal that I will post closer to episode air date! I don’t want to spoil too much and give it all away. He did look amazing in that suit. Audrey Fisher is fantastic at dressing all of the cast and she really did a fantastic job. thanks for the comment!

  11. Kelly Hau

    please dont say this is going to be the end of my fave character, Eric Northman I love him so much and I love the actor that portrays him. he is so amazing

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