True Blood On Location Season 6 Eric Northman In Action Photo Gallery


Here are more of the photos as promised taken of True Blood rehearsal on location. Alexander Skarsgard was on set for his role of Eric Northman. Waiting sucks but it definitely will be worth the wait! Alex looked pretty deep in thought in the photo above getting ready to film the scene. Kudos to Audrey Fisher for wardrobing him in that amazing black suit! (she recently tweeted that Alex would be wearing some Hugo Boss in season 6 for his role of Eric)



The filming earlier in the day was all interior within the home above. The home they used was absolutely stunning when lit up at night.



More of the behind the scenes action that makes the show for fans.



Prepping a vehicle that was used in the scene:


I have other images that I will upload closer to air date for the episode. (don’t want to spoil!!)

Pretty sure the rehearsals and filming was for True Blood episode 6.02 titled: “Here Comes the Sun”. The page here has the casting call for all the season six episodes to date. SPOILERS

Here is the gallery with the first batch of photos:

Prior post of the night watching the rehearsals and filming. Alex was amazing to the fans that waited many hours for a chance to get a photo. He had to be tire but stayed to make many fans very happy!!


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