True Blood On Location First Look at The Governor


True Blood filmed for season six on location at the home shown above. Our speculations were correct that yes this is the home being used for “The Governor” of Louisiana. Here is Arliss Howard rehearsing the scene (I can almost quote the speech he gives word for word! Heard him repeat it many times for each practice and quite a few takes for the filming). His character is not a big fan of vampires. It will be interesting to see just what his role will be next season.



Photos are not allowed during filming but I was able to get photos during the rehearsal for the scene.


I spotted Audrey Fisher (wearing the red hoodie). She did a great job with the wardrobe for all the extras on set for this scene. Lots of extras were used for this scene (approximately 50 extras were there)

Stephen Moyer was also on set directing. He is directing the season 6 premiere. The scene I watched must be for the end of episode 6.01.


Arliss Howard is to the left in the image above. Stephen was checking the scene.DSC_0086
Have a lot more images to upload to site. Just wanted to put out a few before the night was done. Waiting sucks (and waiting for filming today sure did but it was worth the wait).
UPDATE: Here are a few more photos from the rehearsals and more of Stephen Moyer directing the scene. He would give the crowd the direction of how to react to the action in the scene.


Arliss Howard can be seen rehearsing here as well (with Stephen over to the side)


The cameras shown in the images above were for the scene and were not actually filming. The filming was taking place from one above in the balcony (and I believe another one was also getting film from the rear. They were still setting up the camera below:DSC_0094

The casting call for episode 6.02 called for a few characters of the “occupy Wall Street” look and it seemed that a few were present as extras last night.


Don’t want to give away spoilers but it seems that the season starts off with a lot of action again. Waiting sucks but at least the filming is ongoing and the new season will be here before we know it.

The gallery below contains images from the rehearsals on 1/3/1/13: I’m still working on captions for the photos. Enjoy! Please feel free to comment. A huge thanks to all that worked so hard to make the “magic” for fans on the show. There are so many that work behind the scenes that don’t ever really get all the recognition but I tried to say thank you to as many as I could see.

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UPDATE:  True Blood episode 6.03 has just had a title change and updated casting call information: Post link here:

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  2. Erika

    Thanks for the great pics! 🙂

    It’s too bad you can’t take a couple of quick pics during filming, but I understand…wouldn’t want people to be spoiled. Can’t wait to see more pics and read your spec after you’ve had a chance. Do you think this scene could carry on in ep. 2 as well?

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  4. Nylex Davis

    I can’t wait for the season six of TrueBlood!! Been watching all the past season’s lately and waiting for the season five to be out of the market for my collection. TrueBlood fanatic all the way! Love you Alex!! My ever Eric Northman.

    1. admin Post author

      Same here! I need to re-watch season 5 before season 6 starts back up. I still have the episodes on my dvr! (but I love the extras they have on the blu-ray/dvd). Thanks for the comment! Yes love Eric Northman here as well!

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  9. Helen

    I am so looking forward to Season 6. I have got all the previous seasons on D.V.D. and had just finished Season 5 the other eve’. Did not see quite that kind of outcome coming with the newborn, lethal version of Bill and with Eric fast becoming the hero of the night!! The series just keep getting better and better!!

  10. lucy besser

    im lovin’ some ” TRUE BLOOD”. Stephen Moyer can be hero anytime.can’t wait for season 6. but i guess i can by watching all of season 5 on my DVR… loving all of it. i say yes yes yes to ” TRUE BLOOD”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!49

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