True Blood Season Six Filming On Location Governor Home Perhaps?


True Blood is filming on location at the home shown above in the photo. They appeared to be setting up today and will continue to be on location through Friday. (the last day will most likely be just for equipment removal). No cast was spotted there while I was there. I will go back tomorrow and see what is going on.


The size of the home and ‘look’ makes me think that this location will be used to film the interior shots for the new character – the Governor of Lousiana who will be played by Arliss Howard. The role of his daughter, Willa was recently cast and she will be played by Amelia  Rose Blaire.

The casting call for episode 6.02 called for the characters of the Governor and Willa so perhaps the filming will be for this episode. Waiting sucks!

Images in the gallery below show the preparations by the rigging crew and all the others involved in setting up for filming.



The windows are taped with black material to prevent light from leaking through. The material was later removed.

The home is over 15000 square feet and sits on a large lot (almost 86000 square feet). The home is a “historical” one built in 1914. It has 10 bedrooms and 10 baths! I knew the home looked familiar to me so I did some digging and found out that yes the home was used to film the TV series “Benson”. (a spin-off from the tv series “Soap”) I can’t wait to see just how the home will appear for True Blood!


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4 thoughts on “True Blood Season Six Filming On Location Governor Home Perhaps?

  1. Marlene Emmett

    I remember the house!
    It looks like a copy of the White House?
    Wondering how it’s going to be used on TrueBlood?
    It’s going to be very interesting.

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