Charlaine Harris Releases Dead Ever After Endpaper Merry Christmas!!

Christmas is a little early for Sookie Stackhouse fans! Charlaine Harris posted the artwork for the endpapers for the final Sookie book “Dead Ever After”. The artwork is shown above. I see Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman on there! Also see a wolf (representing Alcide perhaps), Dean the dog (Sam’s favorite  go to shift) , a tiger (pretty sure that’s Quinn) and a few bats.

Definitely looks like the moon in the artwork. Sad to see the final book coming but great to see this beautiful work by Lisa Desimini. To purchase prints of the covers by Lisa visit her site here:


I think the way the papers will fold up will show Eric and Sookie together. The space to the left of Sookie is about the same space that Eric is taking up with his cape!! It almost looks like they are parallel to each other:  ( I drew in a yellow line to show:)

7 thoughts on “Charlaine Harris Releases Dead Ever After Endpaper Merry Christmas!!

  1. Karen

    This makes me think of TB Sookie saying “I want the Sun, Moon and the Stars.” And maybe she wants all of her men/supes, too? I like your thought about them being parallel to other versus my first thought of them being the furthest apart. I really want them to be together.

    Thanks for posting for us!

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Yam

    I love the cover art but I love more the symbology behind the art. I can totally see what you’re talking about here. I”m sucker for Eric&Sookie and I do hope that that is where we are heading towards in this book. i want to be able to remember this story with fondness and not anger.

    1. admin Post author

      Exactly! Yes I am really sad to see the series end. So many years loving the ups and downs of Sookie’s life! The end is near for the books but yes I hope it will be Eric and Sookie together in the end. The artwork is so pretty. Thanks for the comment!!

  3. tradermare

    I love the cover art for this series, especially the amazing details. This is a very interesting depiction. I think you can interpret the position of Eric and Sookie in two ways.. they are either on the same path or …hmmm… Thanks for posting this! Happy Holidays.

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