HBO posted on their True Blood page:

Psst! Watch the Season 5 finale with Interactive Features at or on your iPad to see a bonus scene teasing Season 6.

The image above shows Sookie and Jason! Looks like they are outside of the “Stake House” location?

On the True Blood page they have this snippet:


The video for the bonus clip is on this tumblr page: 

Here are some of the caps from the bonus clip.

[nggallery id=446]

3 thoughts on “True Blood Bonus Scene Tease For Season 6 HBO Go UPDATE

    1. admin Post author

      I think it’s a season 5 image but they are going to talk about season 6 on HBO Go. At first I thought it was a new season image but not sure now. It looks like the Stake House place. Love how they tease us!!

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